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Toritsuki Bōma (トリツキボーマ Toritsuki Bōma, 9) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes; it ultimtaely works with Rage Flying Boma Zulten.

Character History

A Bōma Beast that can possess humans through their flaws and use them to absorb the life force of children. He was sealed within a statue that ended up in the residence of Yumi Sakakibara, a student flutist who he tricks into releasing him by offering to heal her fingers as she prepares for a competition. Once freed, Toritsuki Bōma enters Yumi's flute to feed, making her believe that she can now play the flute perfectly but using her for its purpose. Shunsuke manages to give Yumi the strength to cancel her pact with Toritsuki Bōma; allowing her to destroy her possessed flute. Red, Blue and Yellow Turbo use a Consecutive Attack to hit it before the Turborangers defeat him with Plasma Shoot. Zulten enlarges Toritsuki Bōma and he is destroyed by Turbo Robo.


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It's main ability is the ability to possess others, taking advantage of their disadvantages and enhancing them in order to deliver its curse to others; such as using a flute player to curse children with her supposed skills.

Behind the Scenes


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