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Pork Chopped is the fifteenth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


General Trayf captures the Thunder Rangers, and lures the Wind Rangers into his dimension. They defeat him with the Storm Striker and the Storm Megazord, and the Thunder Rangers free themselves from captivity.


When Blake invites Tori to a kung-fu movie, she is torn between going with him or going to Shane's skateboard competition.

She goes to Shane's demo, but uses her ninja powers to split as soon as he begins skating. At the theater, she ditches again right after getting a complimentary popcorn from Kapri, disguised as a concessionist.

While looking for Tori, Shane and Dustin are attacked by Kelzaks at the skate park. When Tori returns to the theater, she finds Lothor's latest monster General Trayf, who has sucked the Thunder Rangers into the popcorn tub.

The Wind Rangers track down Trayf, and follow him into another dimension to get their friends back. In the other dimension, they destroy Trayf with the Storm Striker.

When they return, Blake and Hunter free themselves from the popcorn by heating up unpopped kernels and blasting themselves out.

General Trayf returns as a giant. When Kelzaks appear, Blake and Hunter hold them off. The Wind Rangers destroy Trayf with the Storm Megazord, using the Turtle Mace combined with the Ram Hammer.

Blake tries for a second date with Tori, but since she is grounded for using her ninja powers for personal gain, he goes to the movies with Sensei instead.


VHS/DVD Release


  • The Megazord fight footage didn't match the setting when General Trayf is growing.
  • The Kelzaks heads just appear out of nowhere when General Trayf tells them it’s show time.
  • It’s hard to believe no one at the skate park, noticed Shane, and Dustin fighting the Kelzaks.
  • Tori noticed who Marah, and Kapri were in disguise in "Beauty and the Beach". Yet doesn’t notice Kapri in this episode.
  • The artificial butter, is very thin, and liquidity, but when Blake, and Hunter escape, it’s now very thick, and more solid like.


  • Blake and Hunter do not appear morphed in this episode (albeit they attempt to morph). Reason being is that the Sentai episode the fight footage was taken from takes place before the Gouraigers join the Hurricanegers.
  • Zurgane questions how they can be watching a battle in another dimension at the theater. However, Lothor shushes him, calling it a private screening. In this way, they are speaking for the audience that notice this oddity, and those who don't care about the strangeness.
  • Jorgito Vargas Jr. who plays Blake admitted to including a Karate Kid easter egg in the scene where Hunter and Blake were waiting for Tori at the theater. Pay attention or you might miss it! Also, he's said that it his favorite episode from this series.
  • First appearance of the Flail Combo.
  • Although the Mini Zord does not make an appearance in this episode, Greg Johnson (who voices him) does, voicing General Trayf.
  • At the end of the episode, if the viewers listen carefully, someone says a curse word. It’s right before the camera cuts to Sensei.

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