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"No! This shouldn't be happening!"
―Final words before his death[src]
Porcupingo rinshi

Porcupongo is a Rinshi who holds the spirit of the Porcupine, using his quills to alter someone's personality. He also can turn his hands into quills. After Hamhock was destroyed, Camille had him attack the Rangers while she went to revive Grizzaka. He throttled the Rangers, blasting Lily and stabbing her with his needles, causing her to act like a biker girl, and later ambushing an injured Casey and Theo. Fran later removed the quill from her and sent Lily to help out the other two Rangers. When the Rangers morphed into Jungle Master Mode, they beat him around until he grew to giant size. He was finally defeated by the Jungle Master Megazord with Elephant Power.

Powers and Abilities

Porcupine Spirit

  • Whirlwind Needles: He fire his quills from his forehead.
  • Gorgeous-Sword Storm
  • Needle-Sword Mountain: A form of acupuncture that can change a person's personality with normally no cure in sight.

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