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This article is about a/an licensed food product and company in the Power Rangers franchise.

Popsicle is a frozen food company founded in 1924 by Frank Epperson in Oakland, California, USA. It manufactures frozen juice pops and other various dessert treats that can be sold in grocery stores, convenience stores, ice cream shops and on ice cream trucks. The first Popsicle was created by accident in 1905 by its founder and quickly became a staple of summertime foods. The company is currently owned by Good Humor, a subsidiary of Unilever.

During the peak of Power Ranger's popularity, Saban licensed the Power Rangers to Popsicle to make into their popular "Face Bars", fruit bars in the shape of the face of a pop culture character with gumball "eyes". The Face Bars were sold in convenience stores and carried by ice cream trucks. The Popsicle products were made until 2002 when the rights to Power Rangers were transferred over to Disney, expiring the partnership.

List of Power Rangers Face Bars

Mighty Frozen Popsicle Ranger

A Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Popsicle

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
  • Power Rangers Time Force
  • Power Rangers Wild Force

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