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Character History

Poppenian Hymal (ポッペン星人ハイマル Poppen Seijin Haimaru, 36): Though not a Alienizer, he helped Rainian Agent Abrella. He worked with Cignian Swan Shiratori once and is jealous when she is chosen for the Police Scientific Criminal Investigation Laboratory over him. Created the Heavy Industrial Machine Frankenzaurus which moved with a remote control operated by him. However, he is confronted by DekaSwan and she is able to shutdown his dangerous Hymal Reactor after Agent Abrella set it to explode. Afterwards Hymal wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff into hostile sea waters but Swan stopped him and after a stern lecture from Doggie Kruger, that Swan's mecha are superior to Hymal because of her selfless nature, Hymal is arrested by Tetsu for his crimes.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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