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""It's already over de aru. I have already won de aru. ""
―Pollution President Batcheed's first words after Sousuke said that this ends now.[src]
""Go-Ongers! Shinkengers! You will have a taste of my masterpiece using the power of the Gedoshuu de aru!""
―Batcheed when he enlarged with Industrial Revolution.[src]
""Losing is not the end. It is losing that is the end de aru!""
―Batcheed's final words before his death.[src]

Pollution President Batcheed (害統領バッチード Gaitōryō Batchīdo) is the leader of the Gaiark who appears in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger: GinmakuBang!!.

Character History


Batcheed emerged as the true leader of Gaiark several months following the destruction of Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein at the hands of the Go-Ongers in Human World. Having already laid waste to Grass World, the Pollution President moved on and invaded Gunman World, at which point his activity was discovered by BOMPER, who reassembled the Go-Ongers in Human World to oppose him. GP Final: Road of Justice

Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger

He had been conquering the Gunman World when he was confronted by the Go-Ongers. When they are all sent through a dimensional rift to the Human World, Bacchiido joins forces with the Gedoushu to defeat his foes and complete the Batchrium Plant (バッチリウムプラント Batchiriumu Purant) on the moon's surface which can pollute all the Braneworlds by using the water of the Sanzu River.

After executing Industrial Revolution and combining with the Batchrium Plant, he is destroyed by the Samurai Giants and the Engines in the Samurai Formation 23.


Years later, Batcheed would be succeeded by a doppelganger Pollution President Babatcheed. Ep. 35: Dimension on the Other Side Ep. 36: Partner Pirate

Super Hero Taisen

In Super Hero Taisen, Batcheed is seen with various other Gaiark members, along with some FangireIcon-crosswiki, fighting the core five Go-Ongers and Kamen Rider KivaIcon-crosswiki. They were all destroyed by their combined power.



concept art

  • Height: 220 cm (66 m: giant)
  • Weight: 297 kg (742.5 t: giant)


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