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"Power winds, BLOW!"
―The Polluticorn's first words when using his Power Winds to blow away Jason and Zack.[src]

―The Polluticorn after his horn was cleaved off.[src]

"Huh?! Uh oh!"
―The Polluticorn reacting to the Megazord gliding at him with it's Power Sword and his final words before his death.[src]

Polluticorn was a winged unicorn monster with dragon-like hands and feet who was the main antagonist of the episode "Clean-Up Club".


Inspired by Trini's plan to clean-up Angel Grove, Rita tries a new attempt of world conquest and uses Polluticorn to pollute the Earth by destroying all attempts to clean the pollution. She first sends down Putties to bide time whilst Polluticorn is being made and the monster flies in from the Moon.

The Rangers confront Polluticorn and battle against him but he is much too strong, taking Jason and Zack down with energy from his horn and then blowing them away. Even after Goldar and Scorpina arrive, he refuses their help and forces the Rangers to retreat to the Command Center. Once there, they learn that the Polluticorn's power comes from his horn and he'll be severely weakened without it.

Meanwhile, the Polluticorn goes alone to the Angel Grove Recycling Center. Whilst the other Rangers fight against Goldar, Scorpina, and some Putties, Jason faces off against Polluticorn. Although initially no match, Jason summons the Dragon Shield which means that energy blasts from Polluticorn reflect off of the shield. Jason then uses his Power Sword and the Dragon Dagger to cut off his horn, weakening him and leaving him open to potential defeat.

To prevent this, Rita then enlarges him and the Rangers summon the Megazord. The monster flies up into the air and slashes the Megazord multiple times before landing and blowing it away with his Toxic Winds whilst firing his eye blasts which takes it down. However, they then recover and Jason summons the Power Sword before jumping into the air and gliding at him. The monster is shocked so the Megazord takes advantage of this and finishes him off with its energized slash. All the Polluticorn can do is yell in shock and pain as he falls flat on his face and explodes.


Polluticorn was a highly aggressive and dangerous monster, he would do anything in his power to pollute the Earth and destroy the Rangers. Unlike previous monsters, Polluticorn was shown to be brave and daring as when Goldar and Scorpina offered to help him, he pushed them away and said that he can take care of the Rangers himself.

Powers and Abilities


  • Extraordinary Leaper: Polluticorn could leap incredible distances into the air, at least 30 feet as seen during one attack in the recycling plant.
  • Energy Balls: Polluticorn could fire sparkling light pink colored energy balls from his horn on the middle of his forehead.
  • Power Winds: Polluticorn could flap his wings in high enough speeds to blow away Zack and Jason immediately.
    • Toxic Winds: When Polluticorn became giant, the Power Winds got upgraded and became Toxic Winds. They looked identical to the original version but are now stronger, being able to blow the Megazord off the ground with ease.
  • Lightning Vision: Polluticorn's strongest attack where he could fire highly focus light blue and yellow coloured lightning beams from his eyes. These beams were devastating, being able to take out all five Rangers and later the Megazord with just one hit.


  • Strength: Polluticorn was shown to be far stronger then previous monsters fought by the Rangers before hand, being able to swiftly take them out during their first battle.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat: In addition to Poluticorn's incredible strength, he was also a skilled fighter as he was able to both block and avoid the Red Ranger's strikes while at the same time being able to subdue them.
  • Flight: Polluticorn could fly thanks to the wings behind his back.


  • Horn: Polluticorn was shown to be very powerful but, should his horn be broken off, he will become weaker.
  • Energy Deflection: If a Ranger equipped something capable of deflecting his energy blasts (like the Dragon Shield), the Polluticorn would be helpless.


  • Claws: Polluticorn possessed yellows claws on his hands for combat.

Behind the Scenes



  • He is based on the winged unicorn and a dragon.


  • His name is a portmanteau of "pollute" and "unicorn".


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