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"Don't be a Pollinator hater."
―Pollinator´s first words when he was faced by the Z-Rex Blaster and his final words before his first death.[src]

"Oh yeah."
--Pollinator upon being grown and his final words before his destruction.

The Pollinator is a monster created by Mesogog. He was combined with DNA of squid and plant Osmanthus. He serves as one of the main antagonists of the second part of the episode "Back in Black".


Pollinator was created by Mesogog. Mesogog sent Pollinator with Zeltrax and Elsa and a big squad of Tyrannodrones to stop the Rangers from going through the portal and entering Mesogog's lair to save Tommy. But their first encounter failed. Later Pollinator was drawn in with Elsa and Zeltrax to stop the Rangers from rescuing Tommy. But the Rangers defeated the villains and saved Tommy and even took the Black Dino Gem. Seconds after they came to Reefside, Pollinator came to the city with the other two and an army of Tyrannodrones to stop them from getting the Black Dino gem back to the Dino Lab. While Tommy fought with Zeltrax and Conner fought with Elsa, Pollinator fought with Ethan and Kira. He became invisible and nearly defeated them, but they finally defeated him. Then Conner arrived and the Rangers formed the Z-Rex Blaster. Pollinator was destroyed by the Z-Rex Blaster. Mesogog revived and enlarged Pollinator with the Hydro Regenerator. In the giant battle, Pollinator nearly defeated the Thundersaurus Megazord with his energy tentacles but Hayley gave Tommy the Cephala Zord. It pounded him down before combining with the Megazord. Pollinator was bashed into the skies by the Thundersaurus Megazord's Cephala Power Punch before detonating. Back in Black


Pollinator is very cunning und unpredictable. He is brave enough to fight the rangers, but he underestimated them and it caused his loss. But he is also loyal to Mesogog.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Pollinator was able to temporarily restrain Ethan when he grabbed him whilst fighting on the Island Fortress and, when enlarged, spinning around in a circle and smacking the Thundersaurus Megazord with his tentacles made it stumble back.
  • Durability: When charging at Ethan and Kira to five through them, he was shot multiple times by their Thundermax Blasters but was unfazed and, when enlarged, a barrage of bunches from the Cephala Zord merely knocked him down.
  • Energy Blasts: Pollinator can shoot purple energy blasts from his hands.
  • Agility: During the battle in Reefside, Pollinator was able to duck and dodge multiple punches and kicks from Ethan and Kira.
    • Super Jump: Pollinator was also able to jump extremely far to avoid Ethan and Kira's sweep kick.
  • Invisibility: Pollinator has the ability to become invisible in a swirl of color and grey.
  • Mass Loss: Pollinator can lose the large mass on his back when he returns from being invisible.
    • Agility: Pollinator gains a lot more agility when he lost the thing on his back.


  • Fists: Although he lacks weapons of any sort, Pollinator has fists that can aid him cin combat. This makes him incredibly formidable with his great strength.
  • Tentacles: With his DNA of a squid, Pollinator has tentacles to use for long range attacks.
    • Extensions: Pollinator's tentacles can extend his tentacles to attack his enemies.
    • Electrocution: Pollinator can also generate electricity across his tentacles to shock his enemies.

Behind The Scenes



  • Pollinator is the first monster that fought the Cephalazord.
  • He has basically the exact same name as a Power Rangers Zeo monster. Given Dino Thunder was a legacy season, this was most likely intentional.
  • Pollinator is the first monster to be faced by the Brachio Zord (although he did not fight it).

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