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"We're hungry."
―Pollenator's first words[src]

""I coulda been a contender!""
―Pollenator's final words before his demise.[src]

Pollenator is one of two plant monsters, alongside Adrian, who serve as the main antagonists of the episode "A Few Bad Seeds". As the older of the two monster cousins, he is seen as the de facto leader of the duo and is the one who does the most fighting; therefore he can be seen as the main villain of the episode.


Pollenator and Adrian were created from Rocky's mutant plant by King Mondo. They are hesitant to follow orders from Mondo at first, but they oblige when they are threatened. They refer to each other as cousins and they care for each other.

They attack the junk yard and were intercepted by the Zeo Rangers and fought the five. The cousins proved to be more than a match for the Rangers but Adrian messed up a team attack and they began to squabble which forced Mondo to withdraw them.

After some arguing themselves, it was determined that Pollenator would take on the Rangers alone. They initially refused but Mondo threatened Adrian with Cogs and forced Pollenator to obey.

He attacked Rocky when he was alone and put a spell on him that would turn Rocky into a plant since they considered him their father of sorts.

Later on, whilst the other Rangers were lamenting Rocky's defeat, Pollenator attacked the city and they are forced to intercept him.

After Rocky was restored, he joined the other Rangers in their fight against Pollenator, and told them to load pure oxygen into their Advanced Zeo Laser Pistols. This destroyed Pollenator.


Pollenator is a very hot headed and arrogant monster who was perfectly happy to bicker with Adrian and even King Mondo to a fault. However, he is shown to display genuine compassion for Adrian to the point of being willing to fight the Rangers just to save him from being turned into compost.

Powers and Abilities


  • Dart Projection: Pollenator can fire red darts out of the tulip like protrusions on his shoulders strong enough to take down all five Rangers with one hit.
  • Flower Transformation Pollen Blasts: Pollenator can spray yellow pollen out of the tulips on his shoulders that would slowly transform anyone they hit into a plant. The only way to stop this is to deprive the flowers of oxygen, making them vanish.


  • Strength: Pollenator was strong enough to send both the Cogs and the Rangers flying with single punches and remained standing despite Adrian jumping onto and then off of his shoulders.
  • Durability: Whilst being disobedient over returning without Adrian, Pollenator was shot right in the chest by a lightning bolt from Mondo's staff (the same sort of attack that took down all five Rangers with one blast later on), Pollenator was merely knocked over and was able to continue fighting.


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  • Fists: Pollenator possesses no weapons of any kinds aside from those tulip darts but is a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
    • Whip Blast: From the palm of his right hand, Pollenator can fire amount blue-green stream of energy which he can lash around with enough force to knock Tommy's Zeo V Power Sword out of his hand with one hit.

Behind the Scenes


  • Pollenator was voiced by Kirk Thornton who gave him a thick but stereotypical Brooklyn accent.
    • Despite being closely "related", Adrian lacks a Brooklyn accent which is likely due to being voiced by a different voice actor and bad voice direction (Adrian's voice being done by Brian Tahash, the voice of See Monster and Brick Bully).


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  • Pollenator's name is a portmanteau of Pollen and The Terminator


  • Pollenator is the only Machine Empire monster shown to be disobedient towards Mondo.
    • This does not count Defector as that was a façade to trick the Rangers into a trap whereas Pollenator's lack of loyalty is genuine.
  • In Ohranger, Pollenator was Adrian's older brother and not his "cousin".
  • In Ohranger, Bara Cactus 1 survived his defeat at the hands of the King Busters and retreated to the Baranoia Palace only to find that Bars Cactus 2 had been killed and dissected by Emperor Bacchus Wrath\King Mondo. He tried to murder Wrath in return but was swiftly beheaded as an example of what happens to failures\traitors.
  • In Ohranger, the reason that Bars Cactus 1 was not grown was both due to his treacherous nature and because Acha and Kocha\Klank & Orbus had yet to receive their growth upgrade. Here, it can be assumed that the monster was destroyed so completely that there was nothing for Orbus to grow.
    • This was removed due to the dark and implicitly nasty nature of the scene and is why there wasn't a scene of the Royal Family complaining after his death.
  • Pollenator's voice is oddly similar to Rocky's from the Rocky movies.
  • Pollenator's final words are a reference to the 1954 film On the Waterfront where it was sad by Marlon Brando's character Terry Mallory to his brother Charley after he was turned down for a boxing tournament. The full quote was "I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it."
    • What this has to do with this particular monster is unclear.
  • He never appeared in the original footage.


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