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The Police Ressha (ポリス烈車 Porisu Ressha) is an Auxiliary Mecha in Ressha Sentai ToQger.


The Police Ressha is a police train themed Ressha and is the fastest train in the Rainbow Line's fleet. It has a blue gun that can deploy from the front and a handcuff like claw in the back. It is a very useful ressha on its own, able to attack enemies with its gun and split apart to imobilise them with its claw. It can also combine with  ToQ-Oh  to form ToQ-Oh Police.


This Ressha was found by ToQ 1gou when he notice the Ressha was with the stolen items from Soujiki Shadow.


ToQ Ressha

RST-Police Ressha

Police Ressha

Police Ressha (ポリスレッシャー Porisu Ressha) - This ToQ Ressha summons the Police Ressha. Station 14: Lost Cop, Great Detective

In ToQger vs. Kyoryuger, ToQ 3gou loans the Police ToQ Ressha to Kyoryu Black, who uses it in his Gaburivolver so he can effectively fight the Shadow Line.


  • Police Ressha is the only ressha so far to be able to split apart on its own.
  • Police Ressha is the only ressha found by accident unlike the other resshas which were found by asking local people around the area of faint ressha signal.
  • Police Ressha is apparently the only ressha introduced so far to allow people without a Rainbow Pass aboard.


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