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Character History

A Nezire Beast that is fed Hinelar's Nezire Poison, a deadly toxin he is immune to, which takes effect after 24 hours. He is to spread it around to kill as many as he can. Dokuga Nezire flies around the city, distributing the Nezire Poison on his wings, with the Megarangers affected along with 10,000 people and have until 6 PM to find an antidote. After a brief falling out, the Megarangers regroup and manage to break off a piece of antenna as the poison takes effect on them with Mega Black managing to deliver the item to INET to prepares an antidote from the Nezire Beast's immunity. By the time the Megarangers almost lose to DokugaNezire without their Mega Suits, they receive the antidote. Using the Drill Sniper Custom and Multi-Attack Rifle, they defeat DokugaNezire as Bibidebi arrives to bite him. After ripping off his wing and learning that his death would cover the entire city, Galaxy Mega takes DokugaNezire into space and uses the Booster Rifle to destroy him.


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Modus and Arsenal

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  • Poison Moth Nezire were designed by character designer Miharu Shimojo.

Behind the Scenes

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