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Poison Gas Weasel (ドクガスイタチ Dokugasuitachi, 47) is a Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, combining attributes of gas containers and a weasel

Character History

Poison Gas Weasel was originally supposed to be involved in a scheme where it would use its gas to poison humans en masse at an amusement park. However unknowing to everyone, the gas that was used by the Mechavolution Beast was tainted with the Retro Genes developed by Dr. Tooyama, making the humans hit by its initial spray to have a body part evolve as a result (including Nangou, whose ears grew to a huge size due to the Retro Genes' effect before Yumeno cures him). The Mechavolution Beast joined with General Kar's troupe as they investigated the site and proceeded to collect Retro Genes to evolve themselves further (including and ultimately giving a 10th tail to their Emperor Aton to give him immortality and ultimate mystic powers). When the Dynaman retake their collected Retro Genes, they face Poison Gas Weasel who uses multiple gasses on them until they clear them away with a whirlwind attack before finishing it off with New Super Dynamite. After taking the Big Bang Beam, Poison Gas Weasel uses its gas to try and hurt the team, but they spin DynaRobo reflecting it back before finishing it with the Science Sword.


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Modus and Arsenal

Poison Gas Weasel possesses a tank which can emit multiple kinds of gas for attack, including crying, laughter, pain and ultimately poison gas. However the poison gas, when inhaled by humans, has the chance of evolving an attribute of a person due to the leak from Dr. Tooyama's Retro Gene burial site falling into the magma used to create it. It can spray this gas from the left arm and manipulate its various gases.


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Behind the Scenes

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