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Poison Gas Mask

Poison Gas Mask.


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Poison Gas Mask (毒ガス仮面 Doku Gasu Kamen) was the last of the original five Black Cross Crusade Monsters.

Character History

During the initial attack of the Black Cross Army against the Japanese EAGLE bases, Poison Gas Mask attacked the Kansai branch, killing everyone with Kenji Asuka the only survivor of the attack. Ep. 1: The Crimson Sun! The Invincible Gorengers

Poison Gas Mask's scheme is to use an underground gas factory to create his poison gas for hurting people. Tsuyoshi and Kenji discover the factory but the Masked Monster avoid their attack outside one slight hit from Akarenger's Red Bute that hits his helmet, using that as an excuse to further develop his "immortality". Kenji becomes obsessed in defeating Poison Gas Mask, who further riles him up by attacking the spies and then sneaking into Snack Gon to investigate. Midorenger challenges him and loses due to his immortality ability, torturing him until he forces the other Gorengers to save him. In a final showdown, Kenji discovers the trick to Poison Gas Mask's ability, flipping nibly until he finally hits him from behind with a Midomerang. Disoriented, Poison Gas Mask is easily dispatched by a Gorenger Storm. Ep. 5: Green Anger, Immortal Gas-Person


Modus and Arsenal

Poison Gas Mask wears an old-fashioned European military uniform (judging from its appearance, possibly dating from the eighteenth, ninteenth or early twentieth century), consisting of a red tunic with gold decor on the cuffs and chest, a wide white leather belt, white jodhpurs, black leather cavalry boots, a helmet with a bird statuette on top, and a modern-looking gas mask. He uses the gas mask to shoot gas out of the filter that would otherwise protect the wearer's breatjing to asphyxiate people while shooting them with a rocket he attaches to his right wrist. He also concentrates himself in developing the technology in his mask to avoid any and all attacks, claiming himself to be "immortal", but really is using teleportation to avoid all direct attacks. He is also capable of invisibility, jumping high, and retract into his own cloak which can also emit his poison gas.



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