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Poison Flower Ninja Hanasakkadoushi (毒花忍者ハナサッカ道士 Dokuhananin Hanasakkadōshi?, 5, 25): A Chunin master of Flower arrangement, he was sent to cover the Earth with his poisonous plants, using the Miharaishi Bathhouse to hide the mother plant. Though Kouta Bitou and Nanami Nono were too late to stop the blooming, HurricaneRed destroyed the main flower, killing the dependent plants. Hanasakkadoushi was killed by Senpuujin with the Sword Slasher. Once resurrected by Vampiyan, Hanasakkadoushi attacked Osaka, halted by HurricaneYellow until he withdraw to fight Vamp Iyan, whose death forced Hanasakkadoushi back to the afterlife.


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