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Poison Bōma (モウドクボーマ Mōdoku Bōma) is a scorpion-theme Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes serving Rage Flying Boma Zulten

Character History

Poison Boma is sent by Zulten to attack the Turboranger with its poison; during an initial attack, it ends up hurting Blue Turbo when he protects Pink Turbo from its strike, poisoning him to a point that he couldn't be cured by any means of humans or fairies. With infiltrating the Boma the only way to get the antidote, Haruna goes through with a scheme to fake amnesia and join the Boma as one of their warriors long enough to find out where the antidote goes. She does so when inadvertently protecting the Turboranger from Poison Boma, becoming struck so that Zulten gives her the antidote that she both takes and takes back to Yohei to cure him. Poison Boma is struck by combo attacks of Turbo Laser/J Gun and Turbo Laser/W Stick before being destroyed by the V-Turbo Bazooka, then by Turbo Robo's Turbo Cannon once Zulten grows it.


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It possesses two heads and can fire long-range attacks; but its main ability is to use its longer head to bite a deadly poison within those it strikes. The poison has no cure other than one developed by the Boma to protect their own men from it.

Behind the Scenes


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