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"Chief Retainer...I will put the Igasaki ninja in their graves with my poison."
―Poison Arrow Ninja Suzemebachi's first words upon being created.[src]

"I'm not with the Izayoi School. I'm a Kibaoni School, Suzumebachi. Anyone hit with my poison, unless they recieve the antidote, will die within 18 hours."
―Suzenbachi when confronting the Ninningers.[src]

"Then...you were after my antidote all along. You call yourself a man?! So irritating... For toying with my heart... You'll pay!"
―Suzumebachi when Yakumo betrayed her.[src]

"I didn't fall in love with a shinobi...The man I loved...was a shinobi."
―Suzemebachi after Yakumo advised her to not fall for a shinobi when she is reborn and her final words before her initial defeat.[src]

"Prepare yourselves!"
―Suzemebachi when enlarged by Kyuemon's hammer.[src]

"Such a rugged gentleman! But...we're from opposing schools... I love you!"
―Suzumebachi when confronted by Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.[src]

"I'm a shinobi...and love is hell!"
―Poison Arrow Ninja Suzumebachi's final words before her death.[src]

Poison Arrow Ninja Suzemebachi (毒矢どくや忍者にんじゃスズメバチ Dokuya Ninja Suzumebachi, 33) was a de-nounced member of the Izayoi Way Ninja Army Corps and the final member of that team to appear. Her late Introductory credit also called her "Home School Ninja Suzemebachi."


Suzemebachi is created by Masakage Tsugomori in light of the presumed death of Kyuemon after Ariake No Kata declares that they can no longer simply ignore the Ninningers as a threat. She is instructed to go and poison the Ninningers with her poison and avenge her fallen comrades. However, she arrogantly claims that she will instead "avenge thier shame" because of her predecessor's abysmal failures and subsequent deaths. She goes to Earth with an army of Genin Supparage and faces the Ninningers in combat. Although the Ninningers easily cut down the Suppaerage, she flies down out of the skies and poisons Takaharu with one of her arrows. She then floes down and introduces herself before announcing that, without her antidote, Takaharu will be dead within 18 hours. She then challenges them to a battle to settle thier rivalries before zipping away to behind them and trying to poison Fuuka although Yakumo saves her by cutting apart the arrow. A short battle then ensues, during which she expresses confusion as to why Yakumo saved Nagi from her poison arrows and he questions why he wouldn't which she scoffs at. Two Suppaerage grab Yakumo and she tries to poison him but he breaks free and uses one as a shield. The two then battle, ending with Yakumo on top of her and them having clashing ideas about how they should achieve victory. The other Ninningers try to kill her with thier Gama Gama Guns but she flies up and tries poisoning them although Yakumo destroys the arrows again. It is at this point that she falls in love with Yakumo but is forced to flee via flight when she runs out of her poisoned arrows.

Later that night, Suzumebachi confronts Yakumo on a balcony and tries to convince him to give up his shinobi life and come with her and he accepts and eventually runs away with her. Fuuka and Nagi confront Yakumo and she tries to poison them but he takes the hit instead and she is forced to use the antidote (located in the hornet on her shoulder) to revive him. He then snatches it away and gives it to the other Ninningers that are there and reveals the lie so the two battle as Fuuka and Nagi go to give Takaharu the antidote.  The duo fight thier way into the countryside and she supposedly shoots him with a poisoned arrow again but it is revealed to be a skeleton at which point he slashes her right across the stomach. They then perform thier most powerful attacks against one another; Suzemebachi's Secret Kibaoni Ninpou: Stinger of The Swarm and AoNinger's Secret Shuriken Ninpo: Dragon Fury Slashes. Yakumo eventually wins out with his attack and Suzemebachi is destroyed, getting the advice that she shouldn't choose an enemy to fall in love with next time that she is born. Massakage grows her into a mad giant with Kyuemon's hammer although the other Ninningers arrive in thier Gekiatsu OtomoNin at which point Takaharu gets a little revenge by hiring her with the wings of his OtomoNin Hououmaru. Yakumo they summons his OtomoNin Seiryuumaru and they form Gekiatsu Dai-Oh. Suzemebachi is torn up over her love for the mecha but fires at it anyway although they block it with the Seiryuu Water's Reflection technique. She then hugs the formation but os kicked off and taken down by the Seiryuu Fist attack. The Ninningers then prime the finisher and Suzemebachi is destroyed once and for all by the Gekiatsu Dai Fever.


Suzemebachi was a sadistic and arrogant ninja, not caring about her predecessors and arrogantly claiming that she would avenge only thier failures. Ironically, she ended up going the same way and had no apparent conception for camaraderie since she questioned Yakumo on why he helped his teammates and didn't just save himself. In fact,she did believe in throwing her allies under the bus if it would mean saving herself as shown after that scene.  She dod however have a more romantic side to her, falling in love with Yakumo and obsessing over him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Flight: Venoma could fly using her hornet wings.


  • Skilled Fighter: Much like the previous three Izayoi Ninja, Suzumebachi was a skilled fighter on par with Yakumo.


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  • Sword: Suzumebachi wielded a sword identical to the ones wielded by the other Izayoi Ninjas.
    • Secret Kibaoni Ninpou: Stinger of The Swarm: Suzumebachi could energize her sword with red-yellow energy and slash at her enemy with full force. This was presumably her strongest attack as it was used in an attempt to kill Yakumo who was performing his Dragon Fury Slashes.
  • Arm Crossbow: Suzumebachi's personal weapon was a crossbow mounted on her right arm.
    • Assassin's Needle: Suzumbachi's crossbow could fire buie colored arrows that, if they made contact with the victim, poisoned them and gave them 18 hours to get an antidote or die.
    • Explosive Fighting Arrow Projection: In lieu of the poison arrows, Suzumebachi's crossbow could also fire explosive blue arrows.
  • Suzumebachi wielded an arm mounted crossbow to fire poisoned Asashin (暗殺針, Assassin's Needle) arrows in her signature Ninpo: Sting Like A Bee attack. She kept the only antidote in the hornet on her shoulder.

Behind the Scenes


  • Poison Arrow Ninja Suzumebachi's suit actor was Yuichi Hachisuka (蜂須賀 祐一 Hachisuka Yūichi).


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Concept Art


Suzumebachi's name was derived from the Japanese word for "wasp" or "hornet", "suzumebachi".


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