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"Now for some real fire power!"
―Plug Org's first words before firing his lightning beams at a tower.[src]

"Let's double up!"
―Plug Org to Turbine Org.[src]

"That won't help you. Yaah!"
―Plug Org's final words before his destruction.[src]

Plug Org was (as his name applies) a plug-themed Org and was one of the two first Orgs (along with Turbine Org) to be fought by the Wild Force Rangers . He is one of two main villains of the pilot episode of Power Rangers Wild Force "Lionheart".

Character History

Plug Org is one of two first Orgs that attacked Turtle Cove and he combined his attack with Turbine Org. He is also one of the first Orgs that Cole ever witnessed. He first rescued Turbine Org from the four Wild Force Rangers before they defeated the Rangers together and retreated. The two Orgs later returned and attacked the dam of Turtle Cove. There they encountered the five Wild Force Rangers (with Cole joined in to be the Red Ranger). He fought with DannyAlyssa and Cole, who has become the new Red Ranger, but with his combined attack with Turbine Org, they nearly won. But the Red Ranger ordered the other Rangers to combine their weapons and form the Jungle Sword. Plug Org fought the Rangers first and he was finally destroyed by the Jungle Sword Savage Slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lionheart

Plug Org is among the Orgs seen in the Org Spirit World. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Master's Herald


Plug Org was a very arrogant, prideful, confident, selfish, and boastful Org. He is very arrogant, stubborn, and confident and it is shown that he doesn't respect his enemies, just like other Orgs. He is very boastful, destructive, chaotic, power-hungry, and thinks he always wins. He very appreciates his fire power and thought he can easily defeat the Rangers. He is even somehow more arrogant than Turbine Org. His arrogance and egoism is shown as he went first in battle and ignored Turbine Org's warning about the Jungle Sword. His arrogance and stubbornness led to his demise in the battle. 

Powers and Abilities


  • Shoulder Electric Bolts: Plug Org can fire yellow colored electric bolts from the antennas on both of his shoulders. This was presumably his strongest (individual) attack as two blasts from his electric attack took down all four Rangers.
    • Shoulder Lightning Bolts: Plug Org can also fire yellow lightning bolts from the spots on his shoulder in conjunction with his shoulder electric bolts. These could take out Alyssa and Taylor in one hit.
  • Energy Combination: Plug Org can combine his energies with an ally, as shown when he combined his power with Turbine Org to perform their strongest attack.
  • Teleportation: Plug Org can teleport to any location at will.


  • Strength: Whilst not so strong as Turbine Org, Plug Org possesses enough strength to battle the Rangers.
  • Durability: Whilst nowhere near as durable and Turbine Org, and in another universe entirely from later monsters, Plug Org was shown to be able to be slammed into a tree by Danny and be unfazed. A scratch on the side of his face from Alyssa's claws also did nothing.


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  • Right Fist: Plug Org's right hand is a fist which he can use in combat.
  • Left Plug Arm: Plug Org's left arm is a plug which he can launch lightning attacks from.
    • Electric Beams: Plug Org can fire yellow colored beams of electricity from his plug-shaped arm. This was shown to be powerful enough to blast a massive tower into scrap pieces.
    • Double Energy Beam: By combing his power with Turbine Org, they can fire two strong energy beams (with Plug Org's coming from his arm). In Plug Org's case, this consisted of charging up yellow electricity into his chest and then firing it from his plug arm. This is their strongest combined attack as it knocked down all five Rangers in one blast.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Plug Org is the first Org to be defeated by the Jungle Sword.
  • The existence of Plug Org together with Turbine Org can be the sign of Master Org growing in power, since the return of the Master brings the return of the other Orgs.
  • He is the first Org in the series who wasn't enlarged.


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