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The Plezuon Lab (プレズオンラボ Purezuon Rabo), located on the seabed, is the base of operations for Doctor Ulshade, assisted by his granddaughter Yayoi. When modern-day Kyoryugers were assembled, Ulshade decided to spend a six-month expedition into space to learn more about Deboss. Once fulfilling that objective, Ulshade returned to Earth to entrust his Zyudenryu, Plezuon, to the Kyoryugers prior to ending up in the hospital due to throwing our his back before adding the data he gained to Plezuon. Brave 21: Zoom! Plezuon's Back Soon after, due to his old age, Doctor Ulshade retired as Kyoryu Violet, passing the title onto Yayoi, after she won Pleuzon with her Brave as Plezuon Lab was decimated by the Deboss Army while he was in the hospital. After making a recovery, Ulshade took his granddaughter with him so he could train her while they rebuilt their lab. Brave 22: It Can't be! Deboss Revived Brave 23: Stand! Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin Brave 24: Burn! Seven Kyoryugers

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