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Pleprechaun (プリプリカン Puripurikan) is a leprechaun potter who sculpts the Dora Monsters and Golem Soldiers out of clay before placing them in the Nendora Machine (ネンドーラマシン Nendōra Mashin) oven.


Unlike the other members of the Bandora Gang, Pleprechaun is neither malevolent nor cruel and once even questions Bandora as to why she has such a hatred of children, reasoning that something happened in her past to make her this way.

Being an artist and perfectionist, Pleprechaun will throw away any monsters that don't meet his personal standards as he tried to do with Dora Circe before Bandora demanded that he bring it to life in order to eat all the food on Earth. Even after Dora Circe nearly defeated the Zyurangers by eating their weapons, Pleprechaun did not share Bandora's celebratory mood and instead lamented over Dora Circe's complete lack of elegance.

In episode 14, Pleprechaun placed wanted adds in the faerie forest for an assistant in order to help keep up with Bandora's constant demand for more monsters. Unfortunately, the only one who answered was a Dwarf named Fairy Dondon whose less than intimidating creations made everyone happy but made an enraged Bandora throw him out of her castle; forcing Pleprechaun to continue to shoulder the burden alone.

Eventually, the Bandora Gang was able to mine Dokiita Clay, and Pleprechaun used the clay to make stronger monsters and Dokiita Golems. 

Following the defeat of his greatest creation, Dora Talos, in the finale, Pleprechaun and the rest of the Bandora Gang were once again sealed away and cast out into space where they couldn't cause any more trouble. However, inside the sealed urn he happily participates in taking care of Grifforzer and Lamie's baby and offers to build a crib for him.


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Zyuranger video game

Pleprechaun is the villain who is confronted at the end of the first stage of the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger video game. He fights against Tiger Ranger Boi, who is controlled by the player.


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