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"Let's get out of here!"
―Plasmora in Sarah Thompson's body after their plot is exposed

Plasmora was a vampire monster who was one of the Gruesome Grunts. She switched bodies with Sarah on Halloween before being put on trial in the Halloween Intergalactic Court.

Character History

She and Sarah switch bodies, by way of Versix's spell. Sarah in Plasmora's body is caught by the Mummy Guards with Versix. Once Versix gets caught, he admits to switching the bodies, in reality it's Mick Kanic, disguised as Versix. When the Court Witch switches their bodies back, she is vaporized by the Jack-O’Lantern Judges for her actions.


She is vain and thinks she is the most beautiful and attractive monster in the universe. She is afraid of the Halloween Intergalactic Court, because when the body switch and their disguises are exposed, she proposes to her comrades to escape, but fails.


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