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Planetium (プラネットジューム Puranettojūmu) is the vital energy source that helps form every new planet. It is a valuable resource to the Space Shogunate Jark Matter, whom drain it from the planets they conquer using giant Moraimarz machines, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the planet upon full depletion, reducing it to mere space dust.

Planet Needle was saved just short of destruction by the Kyurangers, sent by commander Shou Ronbou, who destroyed the Moraimarz Robo with KyurenOh. Space.3: The Man from the Desert Star

Earth evidently has an abundance of Planetium as numerous Moraimarz have been installed on it as opposed to only one, though Don Armage indicates a greater secret, which was revealed to be the Argo, housing the legendary warrior Tsurugi Ohtori in cold sleep before the Kyurangers reawakened him. Space.4: Dreamy Android Space.21: Farewell Scorpio! The Day The Argo Revives!

Don Armage's plan was to destroy the universe using a Planetium bomb charged with Planetium gathered from across the universe. Though this plan was thwarted by the Kyurangers, Don Armage would come up with an alternate plan engineered by the evil Dr. Anton, which was to use the vast amounts of Planetium within the Earth, converting it into Dark Planetium which is powerful enough to destroy the universe. Space.42: My Father? The Universe? Lucky's Resolution Space.43: The Vow on the Holy Night, 'Alright, Lucky!' Space.44: Don Armage's Identity Space.45: Tsurugi's Life and Earth's Crisis

With his Planetium Bomb thwarted a second time and his host Quervo slain, Don Armage, taking possession of Tsurugi Ohtori's body, revealed his ability to convert lifeforms to Planetium when he gravely wounded Shou Ronpo before absorbing him with his Kyutama. Space.46: Between Hope and Despair Realizing the potential to utilize multiple Kyutamas assembled within his body, the remaining Kyurangers arranged to successively fall in battle against Jark Matter, upon which Don Armage absorbed them and their Kyutamas as well. Lucky, as the last standing, finally inserted his own Shishi Kyutama into Don Armage, with the combination of twelve Kyutamas releasing the savior and and stripping the Shogun of his power. Enraged by this turn of events, Don Armage proceeded to use his ability to convert and absorb all life in the entire universe, granting him his final form with only the twelve Kyurangers standing in his way. Space.47: The Saviors' Promise


  • Coincidentally, the function of Planetium as the essential source of life for a planet matches that of the Zeo Crystal in the reimagined Power Rangers film, which premiered in the same year as Kyuranger.
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