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Planet P16 (P16惑星 P16 Wakusei) is a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy where Doctor Hiroshi Hoshikawa and his wife, Midori, fled to after they were separated from their children with the destruction of Sidon by the Silver Imperial Army Zone. Once reaching this planet, the Hoshikawa parents set up a lab continuing their research on Sidon Flowers as well as conducted research on the Galactic Super Beast Vulgyre upon realizing that it was the real mastermind of Zone and not its fake disguise of Galactic Empress Meadow.

One of the weapons built by the Doctor and his wife on this planet was Star Five, which was ultimately stolen by the Galactic Wolf Gunther when he saw it as a formidable weapon for his arsenal. The parents used Star Five, upon its reaching of Earth, to contact their children and to attempt to tell them that they were alright. They likewise contacted them upon their discovery of their parents whereabouts and ultimately lead to the five Hoshikawa siblings to travel to P16 in the Star Carrier in hopes of reuniting with their parents after Vulgyre's final defeat.Ep. 19: Red Fighting RobotEp. 20: Burning Sibling RobotEp. 46: The Whereabouts of Our Parents-Final Ep.: Departure to the Stars

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