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"Ooo ha ha ha! Watch this, Power Rangers!"
―Pirantishead's first words when confronted by the Power Rangers in the warehouse district of Angel Grove. After saying this, he blasted the city.[src]

"I’m afraid, this time, you’re gonna be left out in the cold!"
―Pirantishead before he froze four of the Dinozords.[src]

"Hey! What, what? No fair!"
―Pirantishead reacting to the Power Blaster and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"I'M HUNGRY! Ah, lunch!"
―Pirantishead upon being enlarged.[src]

"I'll tear you apart with my bare fins! Power Rangers, prepare to meet your doom!"
―Pirantishead after the Thunder Megazord destroyed his nunchaks and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Pirantishead was a piranha monster who served as the main antagonist of the three part opening episode of Season 2, "The Mutiny".



When Lord Zedd takes over Rita Repulsa's palace, he created his Z Putty Patrollers and sends them to destroy the Power Rangers but they are decimated. Despite this temporary setback, Zedd uses his Z Staff to transform a piranha in the Rampoon River into Pirantishead and he teleports to Angel Grove. Pirantishead is one of the most formidable monsters the Rangers ever faced and his weapons are a pair of chain-linked fish shaped flutes that double as nunchaku. The Rangers arrive in the warehouse district and finds Pirantishead sitting on a rooftop behind them. He blasts the city with his flute so they immediately summon the Dinozords. However, using his flute, Pirantishead is able to freeze the Sabertooth Tiger, Triceratops, Mastodon, and Pterodactyl Dinozords in time and space which renders them unusable.

Pirantishead leaves the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord unfrozen but, before Jason can enter the cockpit, Lord Zedd powered him up with lightning. Now enhanced, Pirantishead takes control of it and uses it against the Rangers, blasting them down with the Zord's ground breath attack. Tommy arrives and summons the Dragonzord to protect them. However, the Tyrannosaurus manages to fight the Dragonzord to a stalemate which enables Pirantishead to take control of that Zord as well. Pirantishead then has the Dragonzord take down all five Rangers with the wind from a tail swing and then completely vanishes from the scene when the two Dinozords go on a rampage. Zordon then reveals that it is impossible to unfreeze the Dinozords since they will never get enough power to get free, meaning that the entire Zord fleet (bar the Dragonzord) must be replaced with new Zords. To this end, he introduces the new Thunderzords to the Power Rangers, but they still need to free the Dinozords to use them. Billy and Trini are able to create a signal jammer to free the Dinozords from Pirantishead.

Confident that victory was at hand, Zedd sends Pirantishead down to attack the city again. He appears in the countryside along the Fifth Annual Children’s Hospital Charity Motor Marathon racetrack but the Power Rangers do not immediately respond since they don't want to get potentially crippled by the controlled Zords. However, as he is threatening the entire race and everyone involved, the Rangers are forced to respond in spite of the Zord danger. Pirantishead then confronts them by standing on a hill only to teleport away so that Zedd can teleport his Putties. Pirantishead has not actually left and instead moved to a different area where he takes control of the motorcycles used by Bulk and Skull after they accidentally drive into one another. He then reactivates the Zords which allows him to gain the upper hand against the Rangers. However, he stops the attack and sends the Zords to attack the Motor Marathon. Billy and Trini arrive with their signal jammer which interferes with the Zord control, but it does not work initally since the batteries are in backwards. Thinking that victory was at hand, Pirantishead gets down to ground level and has the Zords charge with more mist blasts. To buy time for Billy to fix the signal jammer, the Rangers form the Power Blaster and fire at Pirantishead, first aiming at the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, and then at Pirantishead who initially panics.

After the Zords are returned to the Rangers' control by the now-working signal jammer, Lord Zedd attempts to bury them deep into the Earth, with the exception of the Dragonzord, which Tommy withdraws into the ocean, but Alpha is able to save them and transform them into the new Thunderzords. In retaliation, Zedd threw the first of his special Growth Bombs which Pirantishead caught and used to enlarge himself. The Rangers withdraw to the Command Center and were given their Zords before deploying to fight Pirantishead by forming their new Thunder Megazord. Pirantishead attacks on the Thunderzord all prove ineffective. The Thunder Megazord's Thunder Saber is energized and the Rangers slew Pirantishead with a single slash. Pirantishead's demise led Zedd to decide to stay on Earth and try to destroy the Rangers, leading to his succeeding schemes. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Mutiny

A few months later, Lord Zedd decides to bring forth an army of fish monsters to destroy the Power Rangers through sheer numbers, resurrecting Slippery Shark, Pirantishead, and the Goo Fish. The revived monster are defeated by Tommy remains behind to battle the other aquatic monsters whilst the other Power Rangers defeat the newly-formed Tube Monster. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Reel Fish Story


Pirantishead returns.

Pirantishead appears again, battling the Rangers and trying to steal radioactive Piranhas from the Angel Grove Aquarium. In this appearance, Pirantishead lacked the fish fins on the side of his head and the monster's name is spelt as "Pirantis-Head." He was referred to as Zedd's latest creation and the comic version is white all over with green hands and green fins. The radioactive fish made himself grow in the water, but the Rangers defeated him with with the Ninja Megazord. Unlike most monsters however, he does not explode and is instead was uppercut into the air. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- I'd Like to be Under the Sea


Pirantishead was a cunning and unpredictable monster, as he turned the Dinozords against the Power Rangers. He was intensely loyal and faithful to Lord Zedd.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Pirantishead could teleport to any location at will in a large grey energy swirl.


  • Strength: Pirantishead was amongst the most powerful monsters faced in the original three seasons, being able to knock back the Thunder Megazord with single throws of his nunchaku. However, he did mainly rely on the Dinozords in combat.
  • Durability: Pirantishead had extremely thick fish scale like skin that meant that, when blasted by the Power Blaster, he only performed an Irish jig.
  • Skilled Fighter: Pirantishead was a skilled enough fighter to easily be able to defeat the Rangers using his weapons, skills and the Dinozords.


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  • Nunchaku Flutes: Pirantishead wielded a pair of flutes that were connected by chains and doubled as nunchaku to use in combat.​​​​​ However, their main function was controlling the Zords.
    • Energy Blasts: Pirantishead could play his flute to unleash energy blasts powerful enough to take down all five Rangers and cause large explosions in the city.
    • Machine Control: Pirantishead could play his flute and blast the Zords with a white mist that allows his complete control over them.
      • Machine Freezing: Pirantishead could freeze machines in time using this same technique as shown when he performed this on the other Dinozords.
    • Chain Wrap: Pirantishead could throw his chain which makes it wrap around his enemies, as shown when he did this to the Thunder Megazord.
      • Electrocution: Pirantishead could slam his fist down on the chain to send an electrical charge along it that electrocuted the Thunder Megazord.
  • Fins: Even without his flute, Pirantishead had his bare fins that he claimed he would use to "tear apart" the Thunder Megazord. However, he was destroyed before he could use them.

Behind the Scenes



  • He is based on a piranha.


  • His name is a portmanteau of Piranha and the electronica band Portishead.


  • Pirantishead came from what is commonly referred to as Zyu2 footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
  • Pirantishead's costume was later adorned with Hate Master's "hair," recolored blue, had the fins on the side of his head removed, and later used in background shots in the episodes Fire in Your Tank (where it was among the monsters in Divatox's boot camp) and Countdown to Destruction (where it was among the monsters in Rita and Zedd's army). Fans have named this monster Blue Grouperhead.