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Pirahna Canth (ピラニアカンス Piraniakansu, 23) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Mason and Aquaiger


A piranha-themed Mecha-Gigan, it possesses two beam weapons: a main beam that uses a special diamond that can fire a bio beam meant to destroy heavy weaponry; and an auxiliary beam used to make inanimate objects like mannequins come to life to use as puppets. It also has strong jaws and can swim like a piranha.


Piranha Canth is developed by Doctor Man to be the key of a scheme to attack submarines of two rival nations, hoping to lead to a catastrophic global war. Since the artificial diamond originally developed for the Mecha-Gigan did not work as intended, Gear instead decides to target a crown with an ancient Aztec gemstone upon its top; using a beam from the Mecha-Gigan to control mannequins to steal the gem for them before a girl who lived near Piranha Canth's development area hides it away. After Mason forces her to tell him where the diamond is, he installs it into the weapon before Bioman stop the attack using Bio Robo and force it into combat, ultimately defeating it with Straight Flash.



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