This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Pipes of Hamelin

  • Hazard Level: 110 (Capturing Pipe)

Pipes of Hamelin ( ハーメルンの笛, Hāmerun no Fue): According to a legend which became a notable fairy tale, a piper took away children from a village who owed him payment for eliminating their rats in 1284. However, while it is unknown what happened to the children, a pair of Precious from this period appears to be tied to the legend. One pipe is the legendary pipe of the tale which can lure away anyone who listens to it's song (such as children), but can also brainwash those who listen to it as well. After being under control of the pipe and gathering enough victims, the pipe will also allow for them to fuse them into a gemstone, upon which a great power would be summoned when enough are created and gathered together. However, there also exists a second pipe which can undo the effects of the first, turning the gems back into the formerly-brainwashed children. The releasing pipe was found first on display at a museum exhibit; it was stolen by Shizuka of the Wind but retrieved by the Boukengers which they legally were able to procure from the owner. The brainwashing pipe, however, was ultimately found by Yaiba of Darkness and given to the Tsukumogami Kanadegami to create the gems for the summoning; after Sakura and Natsuki raided the territory having initially lost a battle and their Accellulars to the Tsukumogami, Sakura used the releasing pipe to release all the captured children and recapture the other pipe into SGS hands. Task 12: The Pipes of Hamelin

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