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The Golden Pipe Trophy

―Pipebrain's first word upon being created.[src]

"Ha ha! Gotcha. You disappoint me Red Ranger. I thought you’d be tougher. Finish him Putties."
―Pipebrain when confronted by Jason.[src]

"So, think you're a big shot huh?! Well, you'll learn I'm the top trophy around here! And now, I'm gonna show you why!"
―Pipebrain when confronted by the Red Dragon Thunderzord.[src]

"Hey! Stop it! I'm getting dizzy!"
―Pipebrain's final words before his destruction.[src]

Pipebrain was a pipe themed trophy monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Missing Green".


Following his success in the preceding two-part episode "Green No More", Lord Zedd decided to drain the remaining Power Rangers' powers like he did to Tommy Oliver. Goldar captured them and was awarded them to play with, though Zedd decided that Jason was his to toy with. With the Ranger Candles lit, Zedd began his part of the scheme by creating Pipebrain from the Golden Pipe Trophy, which was being used for a tournament Jason was preparing for. He decided that Pipebrain should either destroy Jason entirely or at least keep him so busy that he would be unable to help his friends. With his friends captive but Pipebrain endangering Angel Grove, Jason had a tough choice between saving his friends or potentially lose the city. After Alpha and Zordon reassured him that the decision he made over helping to destroy the Cyclops instead of defeating Goldar and extinguishing the Green Candle was the right one, he decided to morph and deal with the monster first. He confronted Pipebrain who fired some pipes at him but he avoided them so the monster summoned some Putties. Pipebrain mocked his apparent weakness and, during the Putty fight, threw some more tentacles but Jason dodged them again and beat the Putties. Zedd threw a Growth Bomb and made Pipebrain grow.

Jason summoned the Red Dragon Thunderzord and blasted Pipebrain to little effect before hitting him with its claws. However, that did not affect Pipebrain, claiming that he was the superior fighter and intended to show it why before they charged at each other. However, he was ultimately no match since he was bested in combat, which forced Pipebrain to play dead. Jason bought the act which allowed him to recover and tie the Zord with a tentacle before electrocuting it with enough force to make it fall to its knees. Despite then declaring victory, the Red Dragon pulled out its staff and sliced the tentacle which sent Pipebrain flying to the ground. The Red Dragon then repeatedly spun the staff, emitting a series of red blasts that blinded the monster before it slid forward and destroyed Pipebrain with a horizontal slash. With his destruction, Pipebrain returned to the form of the trophy and Jason was able to stop the candles burning and save the other Rangers.


Pipebrain was a cunning and intelligent monster that would stop at nothing to destroy Jason and prevent him from entering the Dark Dimension. He was also pragmatic, playing dead to get the drop on the Red Dragon Thunderzord.

Powers and Abilities


  • Pipe Strike: Pipebrain could fire forth a wave of pipes from behind his head and lash them like ropes. What they could do and how powerful they were are unclear since Jason dodged them both times that he used this attack.
  • Lightning Blast: Pipebrain could fire a stream of blue lightning from his single eye.


  • Strength: Pipebrain was able to restrain the Red Dragon Thunderzord and hold it in place with just one tentacle.
  • Durability: Pipebrain was barely fazed by the Red Dragon Thunderzord's fire breath and shrugged off multiple karate chops from the Zord and multiple strikes from it's staff.
  • Z-Putty Summoning: Pipebrain was able to summon Lord Zedd's signature Putties to aid him in combat.
  • Resilience: When the Red Dragon Thunderzord started to spin around on its staff and kick him, it took three of these swing around kicks to knock him down.


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  • Tentacles: Pipebrain had a large brown tentacle instead of a right hand that he can use against his enemies.
    • Restraints: Pipebrain could extend his tentacle and wrap his enemies up in it like a rope.
      • Electrocution: Pipebrain could then hit his arm with enough force to cause it to electrify and shock his enemies with enough force to bring the Red Dragon Thunderzord to it's knees.

Behind the Scenes


  • Pipebrain was voiced by the late Brad Orchard in his first Power Rangers role. He is most well known in the franchise as the voice of Main Drain, the first monster fought by the Red Battlezord.


  • Pipebrain is based on pipes.


  • His name is a combination of Pipe and Brain.



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