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"Hey, I'm getting dizzy!"
―Pipebrain's final words before his death[src]

Pipebrain was a trophy/pipe monster created by Lord Zedd from the Golden Pipe karate trophy. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Missing Green".


Pipebrain was created by Zedd from Golden Pipe Karate Trophy. Zedd sent him to destroy Jason while other Power Rangers were in the other dimension, and Green Candle was draining their powers, just like the first time it drained the powers of Tommy. Jason gad to overcome his guilt to save his friends. The monster attacked the Red Ranger and Jason fought him. Then Zedd made monster grow. Jason summoned Red Dragon Thunderzord to battle the villain. Pipebrain attacked Red Dragon with his tentacles. Pipebrain's body possessed eyes on tentacles on all sides and they could fire blasts. However then Red Dragon does multiple roundhouse attacks, balancing on his staff. He then spins the staff and repeatedly spins the staff, emitting a spin cycle of red blasts and destroys Pipebrain. After his death, Pipebrain returned to the form of the trophy. Jason had to stop the Candles burning and save his friends and preserve their powers. Missing Green


Pipebrain was cunning, cold and intelligent monster, that wouldn't stop to destroy Jason and stop him from entering the dimension to stop the burning candles. He is also tricky, but he is loyal to Zedd.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength-Pipebrain is a significantly strong monster, being able to overwhelm the Red Dragon Thunderzord, odd in Battle Mode for a short time.
  • Durability-Bring made out of metal, Pipebrain was able to take a number of powerful hits such as the Red Dragon Thunderzord's fire breath and barely be fazed.
  • Lightning Blast-Pipebrain can fire blue lightning from the eye hanging down from his chest.


  • Tentacles-Pipebrain has a large brown tentacle ripped with a mouth instead of a right hand that he can use against his enemies.
    • Electrocution-Pipebrain-Pipebrain can entangle his enemies with his tentacle arm and then hit his arm with enough force to cause it to electrify and shock his enemies. He did this to the Red Dragon Thunderzord.

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