This article is about a/an toy-exclusive zord in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The Pink Shogunzord is repaint of the White Shogunzord

The Pink Shogunzord is a toy-exclusive repaint of the original Japanese mold of the White Shogunzord, completely exclusive to the Power Rangers toyline. It came packaged as a component of the Deluxe Shogun Megazord set. As it is a repaint of the White Kark it is fully compatible with the Deluxe Muteki Shogun toy. Due to its inclusion however, the White Shogunzord never received its own Deluxe toy in America.

As Saban had opted to continue using the original Zyuranger suits while adapting mecha from other shows, the change in design from white to pink was likely done to keep the entire Shogun Megazord set recognizeable as a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers toy, as said set was released long before the Shogun Zords actually appeared in the show. In the actual TV show, the White Shogunzord maintains its original color, and the Pink Ranger Katherine Hillard co-pilots it with Tommy. However, whenever the Shogun Ultrazord is formed, the Pink Shogunzord appears as the combination's left arm, due to the Bandai of America toys being used to create original footage to represent it.

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