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"I told ya, I'll be back."
―Pink Mutant Ranger talking to Kimberly[src]

The Pink Mutant Ranger was the Pink Ranger of the Mutant Rangers and Kimberly Hart's evil counterpart. Rita planned to destroy the Power Rangers using their evil reflections. Pink Mutant Ranger serves as one of the secondary antagonists of the episode "Mighty Morphin' Mutants".


Pink Mutant Ranger was once one of the Putties. But then Rita choosed her as the Pink Mutant Ranger of Mutant Rangers, led by Commander Crayfish. Rita planned to obliterate the Power Rangers by using their evil reflections. Together they fought the Rangers, but tenacity and courage of the heroes helped them defeat the villains. Pink Mutant Ranger and Yellow Mutant Ranger were destroyed in battle. Mighty Morphin' Mutants


Pink Mutant Ranger was shown to be arrogant and boastful. She talks with Kimberly's voice but lacks her noble and heroic personality. She also proved to have rivalry with Kimberly and teased the real Pink Ranger during their clash.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: The Pink Mutant Ranger was demonstrated as a powerful fighter and combatant and was able to match Kimberly.
  • Skilled Fighter: She also was shown as capable combatant and strong enough to battle Kimberly.

Pink Mutant Ranger

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