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Pineapple Mask

Pineapple Mask.

Pineapple Mask (パイナップル仮面 Painappuru Kamen) is the fifteenth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Pineapple Mask ran a complex plot involving the creation of a spy network by selling pineapples to the local community; the pineapples were in actuality cameras that came alive and would fly around to take pictures of the local surroundings; the plot mostly involving hoping that the camera would be enough to find the Gorengers base. However Daita trying to eat the pineapple at one point after one is taken to Snack Gon alerted the Gorengers to the plot and made them trace it back to where Pineapple Mask was headquartered. However due to a radar station set up at the headquarters and a knowledge of all Gorenger Vehicles, the Masked Monster was prepared and used pineapple bombs to damage Varidreen heavily while capturing Daita in combat.

Seeing Pineapple Mask's base as nearly impregnable, the team take a gambit on a new vehicle: the giant balloon Varikikyun, which they use to sneak in alongside Varidreen and avoid the pineapple bombs while knocking out the radar and saving the Kirenger in the process. Pineapple Mask faces the team and tries to attack with pine wraps again until Momorenger throws a Momo Earring bomb right on his head. The team then uses Gorenger Hurricane to become a pineapple knife, which slices his head up before he explodes headless. Ep. 69: The New Multicolored Vehicle!! Varikikyun Launches


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Modus and Arsenal

Pineapple Mask's main weapon is his "pine belt", which involves his leaves being used as wraps to constrict and capture an opponent. His head is also removable to be used as a bomb and can make it all the harder for him to be beheaded.



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Behind the Scenes

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