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Pikarilar is Vader Monster "39" of the Vader Clan

Character History

Pikarilar is used as the "champion" of the Vader Clan's underground fighting arena: appearing as "K.O. Joe", an African boxer who fights all challengers, he fights opponents with brutal means and his flashing light trick in order to crush their bodies and their dreams. Tatsuya Misaki, a friend of Akagi, ends up being forced to enter the ring against K.O. Joe himself when he gets an offer from General Hedrer of cash that would be enough to allow for his younger brother surgery to heal his legs; however seeing the methods that the Vader Monster uses, Akagi tries but is unable to stop him from making this move, made worse when Pikarilar prevent the Denziman from infiltrating with their initial plan.

With no other option, Akagi surrenders himself to Hedrer in order to fight in the underground arena against K.O. Joe and save Tatsuya, under the forced condition by the Vader leader that he fights as a boxer without his Denzi Ring (and while the rest of his team becomes distracted by Vader Fighters to try and find him). However the advantages of the Vader opponent becomes evident as it crushes DenziRed with its Vader Monster powers even as Akagi tries to fight him fair and square. Realizing what a joke the fight really was, Tatsuya breaks free and gets the Denzi Ring back to DenziRed, allowing for him to fight Pikarilar on even terms until his team finally catches up with him.

Out of the Vader's underground fighting ring, Pikarilar challenges the Denziman in multiple disciplines, failing in all including against DenziRed's boxing abilities using his Denzi Punch abilities. The team soon finish him off with Denzi Lightning Fall, then with DaiDenzin after he grows giant.


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His main abilities are his skills as a boxer, with the strength to make a possible champion punch-drunk with ease, as well as a massive flashing light that it uses to blind opponents to get in his attacks. He also uses multiple other styles of combat, such as sword-fighting (his broadsword also emits bright flashes), wrestling and gun-shooting with a submachine gun. He can also disguise himself as a human, use a bo staff and sais, and can change his size.

Behind the Scenes




  • Naming: "Pikapika" - "Crackle, Flash", "Hikari" - "Light"


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