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Piggy is a character and first appeared in Power Rangers S.P.D. as an occasional alien double agent, giving information to both the S.P.D. Rangers and Emperor Gruumm while later operating his Piggy's Cafe.


Mystic Force[]

Piggy apparently first came to Earth sometime around or before 2005-2006. He is seen living in Briarwood, the home of the Mystic Force Rangers, and comes in contact with Jenji, telling him that in twenty years the Earth would be inhabited by aliens as well and that he plans to one day win the lottery and open his own restaurant with the name Piggy's, but when hearing Madison Rocca approaching, Piggy quickly hides from the human girl, but not before telling Jenji they'll talk later and to not tell anyone he saw Piggy. Tvicon TV STORY-Ranger Down


By 2025, Piggy had moved to Newtech City where he befriended Elizabeth "Z" Delgado. After Z became an S.P.D. cadet, she introduced Sky, Bridge and Syd to him. He became S.P.D.'s informant, but also occasionally acted as a double agent to Gruumm and Broodwing, being torn of which side he was on.

Early in the season, Piggy found a winning lottery ticket in the garbage. He used his winnings to open up a trailer restaurant, Piggy’s Cafe serving the kind of food he enjoyed eating (rotten eggs, week-old sandwiches, sewer water, etc.), and tried to stop giving the Rangers information. Since Piggy's customers were afraid of the Rangers (to them, humans were monsters), simply their presence would force Piggy to tell them what he knew just so they would go away and he could get back to his business.

Later, he trapped the Rangers for Gruumm to capture. However, he soon realized that the S.P.D. Rangers were his true friends after a "sign from above" sent his restaurant down the hill. Piggy broke into Gruumm's ship posing as one of the Krybots, helped the Rangers escape, and got their Morphers back.

After the final battle, Piggy went into business with Jack Landors and Ally Samuels where they are helping those in need as seen wearing clean business clothes. Tvicon TV STORY-Endings


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Powers & Abilities[]


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  • Physiology: It is shown that Piggy's physiology allows him to be immune to fowl odors and is able to ingest food that is past it's prime.


  • Krybot Costume: When Piggy went to rescue the Rangers, he wore a costume that resembled a Krybot.
  • Left Arm Mounted Blade: When disguised as a Krybot, Piggy wielded the same arm mounted blade weapon that the Krybots used.

Behind the Scenes[]



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Power Rangers Deck-Building Game[]

Piggy in Power Rangers- Deck-Building Game

Piggy in Power Rangers Deck-Building Game.

Piggy appears in the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game. He is available in the "S.P.D. To The Rescue Pack" expansion.



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