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Picture Book Bōma (エホンボーマ Ehon Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Wandering Boma Yamimaru.


Yamimaru uses this Boma Beast as his first order after he and Kirika become supreme leaders of the Boma in order to force humanity to understand the pain of wandering non-stop for 20,000 years as they had done. Creating special books with the words "walk, walk, everywhere" written in them, the Boma Beast lures everyone who reads it, especially children, to continuously walk while reading it non-stop, disregarding any obstacle and even letting their feet bleed with the pain without them feeling it. The Turboranger discover the scheme when a boy on the island of Shikoku becomes trapped reading this book in place of a book written by Yohei to teach him how to swim. The Turboranger track down Picture Book Boma to a paper plant but have a hard time defeating him due to Yamimaru and Kirika's protection, but discover that attacking the Boma Beast is the only way to destroy the words in the book and break the spell. After ultimately saving the boy from the book's spell, Yohei attacks Picture Book Boma with the J Machinegun combo before the team destroys the Boma Beast with the V-Turbo Bazooka, then with Turbo Rugger after Yamimaru grows him.


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Powers and Abilities


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A special book with the word "walk, walk, everywhere" written in.

His main ability is the creation of books through the consumption of paper or paper-making materials (such as recycled newspapers or wood pulp at a paper plant); the books he creates all possess whatever message he writes within them and hypnotizes anyone who reads them to do whatever command he has stated within the book. He can also fire book-like projectiles at opponents.

Behind the Scenes


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