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Piano Mask.

Piano Mask (ピアノ仮面 Piano Kamen) is the seventeenth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Piano Mask was in charge of a plan to create a massive engine around Mt. Fuji that would use the geothermal energy to empower it and push the Earth away from its orbit and move it to wherever the Black Cross chooses. In order to prevent others from discovering the plan, he sets up a grand piano in the woods which he plays while using videos to produce the illusion of a ballerina that the victim follows to a cliff where they throw themselves to death. After hikers, then researchers end up dying from this plot, the Gorengers investigate with Kenji nearly falling for the ballerina until he is saved by Varikikyun and the team discovers the cameras portraying the scheme. The Gorengers launch an all out assault and ultimately blow up the engine using their own bombs as well as using a Battler as a bomb to attack it from a Varidreen attack. The Gorengers manage Piano Mask easily, using Gorenger Hurricane to become a doll which plays the piano on his head until he explodes. Ep. 71: Big Crimson Decisive Battle!! The Earth Migration Plan


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Modus and Arsenal

Piano Mask's main ability is the ability to play a piano that creates a hypnotic suggestion within the mind of those affected by what they hear. He uses it alongside video cameras in the ground to create illusions within the mind of those captured within that lead people to their death. He can also emit fog and is equipped with a net.



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Behind the Scenes

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