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Lord Zedd created Photomare from an instant camera.


Photomare was able to trap the Rangers (who had been transformed into kids) inside a photograph. Photomare and Goldar had cornered Bulk and Skull (who had also been transformed into kids) to retrieve the photograph of the six kids. Alpha 5 was able to temporarily freeze Goldar and Photomare in their tracks. When the Rangers returned to their correct ages, Photomare grew giant, at which point Rocky summoned the Red Dragon Thunderzord. Photomare quickly created a copy of the zord, called Copyzord . After the Thunderzords combined to form the Thunder Megazord, they were able to easily destroy both Photomare and her Copyzord in one quick swipe of the Thunder Saber.


  • This monster does not appear in US footage.


The Copyzord

The Copyzord

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