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"Yes Lord Zedd. I am zooming in on the Power Rangers now!"
―The Photomare’s first words upon being created.[src]

"Smile for the camera. (...) Hold still everyone. (...) Now, say cheese. (...) Big smile for the picture you’ll remember for a lifetime! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Or should I say a lifetime remembered as a picture! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Now ‘’’that’s’’’ still life photography!"
―The Photomare before turning the regressed Power Rangers into a photograph.[src]

"What do you think you’re doing? I-"
―The Photomare when being frozen by Alpha 5.[src]

"Try and picture this! You people are all so two-dimensional. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!"
―The Photomare when terrorizing Angel Grove.[src]

"Ahhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―The Photomare upon being enlarged.[src]

"Oh, but I have a special one for you Red Ranger. Ha ha ha ha! Take a look. Ha ha ha! (...) This town's not big enough for you both. Destroy him! Attack him while he's still confused, Copyzord. Tear him apart!"
―The Photomare creating the Copyzord in response to Rocky saying that she had taken her final picture.[src]

"What’re you doing?!"
―The Photomare reacting to the Thunder Megazord pulling out its Thunder Saber and her final words before her destruction.[src]

Photomare was a camera monster who served as the main antagonist of the two-part episode “Rangers Back in Time”.


Ms. Appleby has her class bring in nostalgic items from their childhood to talk about as part of a class project. However, this inspires Lord Zedd to use the Rock of Time to regress the Earth by ten years, turning the Power Rangers into children with no memories of being Power Rangers and thus let him easily conquer the world. However, they still manage to destroy his Putties with a football despite being regressed so Zedd decides to get rid of them once and for all. As such, after prompting from Goldar, he creates the Photomare from a polaroid camera dropped in Angel Grove Park earlier on when Bulk and Skull scared a couple taking pictures of the Rangers for unknown reasons. The Photomare is able to corner the Power Rangers in the Park and, whilst they gawk at her, trap them inside a photograph after scanning them.

However, Bulk and Skull (who have been stalking the Power Rangers in hope of protection after the Putty attack) obtain the Ranger photograph and flee so Goldar is sent after them to retrieve the photograph of the six kids and destroy them for good. The Photomare follows them but is unable to catch up until Goldar cuts them off and they box them in. Fortunately, since Goldar likes terrorizing kids for very prolonged periods of time, Alpha is able to finish his Molecular Descrambler and teleport to the confrontation as Goldar threatens the two with Photomare making them into a photograph. He then uses the Descrambler’s stun scanner to temporarily freeze Goldar and the Photomare in their tracks using some laser scanner that he has and teleport them to safety where he restores the Power Rangers back to their teenage forms.  Goldar and the Photomare soon unfreeze but are too late to prevent the restoration but attack the countryside outside of Angel Grove with some Putties which Goldar summons and the Rangers go to combat them. The Power Rangers arrive just as the Photomare terrorizes some people outside a restaurant and starts firing out pictures of people in swimsuits whilst the public flees but she manages to trap them all in photographs as the Power Rangers meander around.

Realizing that his plan is falling apart at the seams, Lord Zedd uses a Growth Bomb to make his monster grow.  Rocky chooses to take on the Photomare alone whilst the other Power Rangers fight Goldar and summons his Red Dragon Thunderzord. However, the Photomare takes a photograph of the Zord and creates an identical clone of it dubbed the Copyzord. Realizing that Rocky is outnumbered, the other Power Rangers summon the Thunderzords and they form the Thunder Megazord. The Photomare orders the Copyzord into battle where it temporarily overwhelms the Megazord with a jump kick and several slashes from its staff until it is grabbed by the throat and thrown. The Rangers then pulls out the Thunder Saber as the Photomare yells to ask what it is doing and lightning strike which overwhelms the Photomare and her Evil Zord. As Tommy kicks down Goldar, the Rangers finish the monster and Zord simultaneously with a single energized slash from the Thunder Saber as they charge at it. All the Photomare can do is scream in pain repeatedly before falling on her side and exploding with the Copyzord.


Despite Photomare’s destruction, the Rock of Time remains an active threat so the Power Rangers have to find and destroy it which leads to a showdown with Goldar, some Putties, the Oysterizer, the Dramole and the Invenusable Flytrap. However, the monsters are destroyed and Goldar sent backing which allows the Power Rangers to obliterate the Rock of Time with the Power Cannon and return things to normal.


Photomare was initially a monster who spoke on copious amounts of picture puns. However, after the Power Rangers were saved and restored to their proper ages, she apparently snapped which resulted in her becoming an ultra-aggressive and arrogant monster who took things far more seriously. Despite her horrible nature, the Photomare was loyal to Lord Zedd and especially Goldar.

Powers and Abilities


  • Victims Entrapment: Photomare could fire an energy beam encapsulating all six of the Power Rangers’ colours to scan them with, quickly sealing them inside a photograph.
  • Photocopying: Photomare could somehow take a picture of her enemy and print out a large image of them via her “hat”.
    • Copy Summoning: After Photomare printed out an image, she was able to then fire a red laser from her right pinky to create evil copies under from the image her control, This was how she created the Copyzord.


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  • Fists: Photomare had no weapons of any description but could presumably use her fists in combat though she never did so.

Behind the Scenes


  • Despite being a female monster, Photomare was voiced by Kirk Thornton (who also voiced the Dramole in part II of the same episode) and as a result had a very masculine voice.


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  • The Photomare was the final monster created by Lord Zedd before his marriage to Rita Repulsa and the final Evil Space Aliens monster as a whole created with a singular main antagonist at the helm.
  • The Photomare was the final monster from Dairanger to be adapted until Needlenose nine episodes later and the penultimate Dairanger monster as a whole.
  • If the Copyzord counts as a monster, Photomare was the only monster in the Zordon Era to create her own monster.
  • The Photomare remains one of only two monsters in Power Rangers history to never attack herself when enlarged, the other being Turtlecon.
    • It is not a coincidence that both of these monsters also created Evil Zords to fight for them (the Copyzord and the Evil Time Force Megazord).
  • In Dairanger, Photomare was based upon a photocopier and not a polaroid camera hence her design and why she spewed out photographs in a way not akin to a polaroid camera.
  • The Photomare was responsible for the first appearance by an unadapted Sentai team in Power Rangers history (Megaforce being the more notable example of this).
    • This occurred when the Photomare's chest slot spewed forth the people she trapped in photos, The footage was four of the unmorphed core Dairangers, minus the Yellow Dairanger, in swimsuits.


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