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Phoning Home is the tenth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury. This marks the first appearance of Void Knight's third general, Slyther and the Slick Dino Key.


An alien from Rafkon arrives at Dinohenge claiming to be able to destroy Sporix, and the Ranger teens welcome her with open arms. But Solon thinks the offer is too good to be true.


In Area 62, Mucus is putting the final touches on their new general as the latter installs Ranger data onto it. Void Knight comes in, asking Mucus for a progress report, Mucus says that their new general is ready. Learning from Boomtower’s actions, Void Knight takes a Sporix Cell out of the machine and plants it inside the new general so it could grow like the former. The new general activates and introduces himself as Slyther. Slyther showcases the ability to shapeshift into anybody like Void Knight and even emulate the latter’s voice. Impressed by this, Void Knight tells Slyther to steal the Sporix Cells the Rangers have by using his abilities and the Ranger data that was downloaded.

Elsewhere, Zayto makes another attempt at calling Rafkon, which has an antenna attached to the commlink to boost the signal. Solon gives Zayto a meal she made from a Rafkon recipe, but the latter spits it upon eating it. As it turned out, Solon made dog food instead. Zayto sends his message to Rafkon, warning them that the Sporix are loose again and asks for a signal. Unknown to Zayto, Slyther sees this and gets an idea.

At BuzzBlast, Amelia and Javi set up a video shoot for Jane’s Catinator 85 product review. However, when J-Borg puts the collar on, she starts acting like a cat and runs away from a dog, ruining the shoot. The Rangers get a call from Zayto for training as they play a game of capture the flag. After Izzy wins, a mysterious woman teleports down. She introduces herself as Arla, a Rafkonian knight, as antennas grow out of her head. Zayto is amazed by this and begins asking Arla questions about Rafkon. Arla reveals that they have advanced their technology since the Sporix Wars, revealing that she has a way to destroy Sporix Cells permanently. Zayto teleports the group down to the base to talk more in private, introducing Solon to Arla. Arla claimed that she came down to Earth as soon as she heard the message Zayto made this morning, but a curious Solon asks where it was because her sensors did not pick up anything. Arla blames it on old technology, irking Solon. When Arla reveals the technology Rafkon developed to destroy Sporix, Solon says that her thorough research says otherwise. A disbelieving Solon asks Arla to read her mind as Zayto would, but the latter says that he trusts her.

As the Rangers take Arla to a chamber for resting, Zayto confronts Solon for being untrusting towards Arla. Solon argues that all of this seems too good to be true, and she does not trust Arla. When the other Rangers leave Arla to sleep, she transforms back into Slyther and reports his progress to Void Knight. Since he needs the Rangers out of the base, Void Knight tells Slyther that he will lure them out.

Void Knight and the Hengemen teleport into the city and get the Rangers to come down after a quick call from the Ranger Hotline. The Rangers morph and fight Void Knight and the Hengemen while Slyther, back in his Arla form, goes after the Sporix chest. However, Solon stops him and offers a meal for him to try. While Arla claims that it tastes good, Solon calls her out for lying as it was Rafkon dog food, which he should have known. With his secret out, Slyther reverts to his normal form at throws Solon away from the chest. However, Solon grabs him and teleports them out of the chamber. After a brief fight, Slyther shorts out Solon’s cybernetics with electricity and takes her communicator. Then, transforming back to Arla, Slyther teleports back to the chamber.

Meanwhile, Void Knight teleports away after figuring out that the plan must have worked. Before Arla could go to the chest, the Rangers teleport back in. Izzy asks where Solon was, but Arla claims that she left to walk around the river. While the Rangers go out to find Solon, Zayto asks Arla about the new tech from Rafkon. Arla says they must bring the chest back to her ship as she claims the destruction tech is on board, but Zayto starts to get suspicious when he sees Solon’s discarded communicator. Still, Zayto opens the chest for Arla, but he grabs her hand just before she could touch the chest. Through his mental link, Zayto discovers the truth about Arla and is devastated that he was lied to.

Slyther transforms back to his normal form and demands the Sporix Cells. However, Zayto teleports them out of the base and under a bridge. Infuriated that he was lied to, Zayto morphs and uses the Hyper Dino Key to launch a Hyper Strike at Slyther. Then, Zayto calls the Rangers for backup before cornering Slyther on the streets. As the others teleport in morphed, Slyther summons the Hengemen for assistance. Slyther gets the upper hand as the fight resumes, but Zayto strikes back with the T-Rex Fury Strike, knocking down Slyther. In response, Slyther transforms into Roostafa and grows giant-sized.

The Rangers know that they need the Zords, but with Solon missing, they have no way of summoning them. Zayto reveals an override system in case a situation like this occurs, but he is not sure if it will work after 65 million years. Fortunately, it does as the Zords come to the Rangers and form the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation. The Rangers fight against Slyther, who has all the abilities Roostafa had. Using Ollie’s suggestion, Zayto uses the Slick Dino Key to polish a rooftop and reflect the sunlight at Slyther, blinding him. As the Rangers hit him with the individual attacks, Slyther goes behind a Ferris wheel, tempting them into shooting at him at the risk of harming civilians. As Slyther tries to fly away, the Rangers fire the Dino Mega Blast at him.

The defeated Slyther comes down in his regular form, hitting an electrical wire and falling next to Jane and the recently back to normal J-Borg. As the two run off, Mucus comes to pick up Slyther, only to find out that the electrical shock caused him to forget everything about himself. Mucus reminds Slyther of who he is but adds that they are friends when he did not want anything to do with her earlier.

Back at Dinohenge, the Rangers recovered Solon and repair her cybernetic parts. As Zayto gives her some tea, he apologizes to Solon for not listening to her earlier about Slyther. The two make up as Ollie finishes up the final maintenance work on Solon. Even though Zayto did not get what he wanted today, Amelia gives him hope that somebody out there from Rafkon will find him. Afterwards, Zayto sends out another message to Rafkon, saying he will never give up searching for his people.


Dino Fury Keys


  • When the Rangers surround Slyther, the zipper on the back of Javi's suit can be seen, but disappears when Slyther summons the Hengemen.


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 6
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 5
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Slyther.
  • Void Knight makes reference of the fact that Boomtower used a Sporix Egg to make him grow.
  • When Solon defends the quality of Dinohenge's technology, Levi Weston's song "I'll Be There" briefly plays.
  • This episode marks the first use of a Boost Sleeve in the Megazord Cockpit.
  • Despite the Megazord fight footage not being original, the ending blast the Megazord uses to destroy Slyther's disguise as Roostafa did not happen in the original footage as that monster escaped only to fight again in the next episode to be destroyed in the footage utilized in Cut Off. Power Rangers used a clever way to utilize unused Roostafa footage by having Slyther disguise himself as him.
  • Solon is revealed to be a fan of Levi Weston.
  • This episode's title is a reference to the iconic line from the classic sci-fi movie E. T. The Extraterrestrial.
  • This is the first time Solon is seen outside the base.
  • A new Sporix Beast was not hatched in this episode as Slyther, who is a robot, merely took on Roostafa's form during the Megazord fight.
  • The password for the Zord summoning override system is "Zayto is cool."

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