This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

"He took my staff. I'm powerless without my staff."

"I can take you. Give up while you can."
―Final Words before death[src]

Pharaoh is an Egyptian Pharaoh/appraiser-themed monster who was a former fiancee of Divatox, apparently a thousand years ago. He was called by Porto at Divatox's request to destroy the Turbo Rangers; she threatened to throw him in a trash heap if he didn't. His staff was capable of turning normal English-language writing into hieroglyphics, he had no power without it. Since it resembled a staff Adam designed for a Egyptian stunt show at his place of work, Adam took it and all the writing around him became hieroglyphics. Once the Piranhatrons had retrieved his staff, Pharaoh planned to stop the Rangers personally, but he expected Divatox to send him home. Divatox flattered him and manipulated him to keep fighting. Once he grew huge via Divatox's torpedoes, he grew even more powerful and dominated the Turbo Megazord in combat. As he believed victory was certain for him, he decided not to work for Divatox, but for himself. Unfortunately for him, his staff's glass plate was shattered by the Megazord, which had caught a second wind. Without his staff, he was powerless to defend himself and was soon eliminated by the Turbo Megazord's Spinout Attack. Divatox considered this closure due to him walking out on her for disrespecting him. Of course, this was right before grieving since she still loved him.

Mysteriously, despite his death, Pharaoh appears later in the Machine Empire's army.

Powers and abilities

  • Firebreath: Pharoah can shoot torrents of flame from his mouth.
  • Staff: His primary weapon, which he uses as a deadly bludgeoning weapon.
  • Sun Beam: Pharoah's most powerful attack. Lifting his staff to the sky, he fires a beam of sun from the glass plate, which has been magnified and concentrated toward the opponent.

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