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This article is about the character from Turbo and In Space. For the toy-exclusive Ranger from Dino Thunder, see Phantom Ranger (Dino Thunder).

"I'll go after Zordon. You are needed on Earth. This disk controls the Delta Megaship. It's a mighty weapon. You'll need it. You must retrieve it immediately. It is completely unprotected."
―Phantom Ranger[src]

The Phantom Ranger is a mysterious Ranger from his current home Eltar who helped the Turbo Rangers battle Divatox in Power Rangers Turbo.



Arrival on Earth[]


Phantom Ranger on Earth.

Phantom Ranger first arrived on Earth in his spaceship, landing in the woods of Angel Grove. He prevented Elgar and his group from stealing from a bank and a gold mine. As he spent most of his time invisible, no one, with the exception of Cassie Chan, could spot the Phantom properly. After rescuing the Turbo Rangers from trouble, the Pink Ranger asked who he was and Phantom Ranger replied, "a friend", before disappearing. From that point on, the Phantom Ranger appeared to be fond of Cassie, though perhaps not in the same way she was fond of him. He was able to prevent his ship from being destroyed by Divatox's torpedoes and saved Justin's friend, Nico, in the process. When the danger had passed, the Phantom Ranger departed in his space ship, giving the Rangers the impression he had left for good. Tvicon TV STORY-The Phantom Phenomenon

Although Phantom Ranger had taken off in his space ship, he did not necessarily leave Angel Grove. He continued to help when he was needed, such as fighting Translucitor. Tvicon TV STORY-Vanishing Act He even gave the Rangers their new Rescuezords, after losing the Turbozords to Divatox and General Havoc. Tvicon TV STORY-One Last Hope

Fall of the Phantom[]

Divatox and her brother General Havoc used their knowledge of the Rangers to set a trap for him, hoping to obtain the Phantom's power ruby. After kidnapping Cassie and turning her to stone, the Phantom tried to use his Ruby to revive her, but was tricked by Havoc, who posed as Cassie and stole the Ruby from him. Up on the Space Base, Divatox would've destroyed both him and Cassie had she not rebelled, allowing them both the chance to escape. However, without his ruby, his life force was draining away and Phantom Ranger feared that he would soon perish.

Sometime after his escape, Phantom Ranger retreated to the tunnels where his ship was located and collapsed just mere inches away from it, exhausted of all strength. Tvicon TV STORY-The Fall of the Phantom

Clash of the Megazords[]

Cassie and T.J. ventured down into the tunnel system and found him and brought him to the Power Chamber. The power of the chamber kept him stable, but Dimitria had told them without his ruby, the Phantom would die. The Rangers, after some difficulty, got the Phantom's ruby back. Cassie placed it on Phantom Ranger and after several moments he came to, rejuvenated. He thanked the Rangers and prepared to leave, but Cassie wanted to know where he was going. Phantom Ranger told her that he would go where he was needed and remain until his presence was unnecessary. In that sense, the Phantom Ranger believed the Earth was in good hands with the Rangers and departed. Tvicon TV STORY-Clash of the Megazords

In Space[]

Encounter with the Space Rangers[]

The phantom Ranger in Hercuron planet

The Phantom Ranger on the planet Hercuron.

After the news that Zordon had been captured, Phantom Ranger began searching for Zordon. He was on the planet Hercuron and watched as Divatox and her Piranhatrons custody Zordon, the Phantom Ranger sent a message of Zordon's location to the Space Rangers, and was later intercepted by Divatox. The Piranhatrons try to attack him but the Phantom Ranger hardly use his Phantom Laser to blast the emergency message into Space to the Space Rangers that they later intercepted it by the Astro Megaship.

The Phantom Ranger brutally attacked by Ecliptor

The Phantom Ranger brutally attacked by Ecliptor.

During the battle, the Phantom Ranger easily defeated the Piranhatrons, he distracted them using his Invisibility, evading the Piranhatrons and going to rescue Zordon, but he is intercepted by Astronema and her Quantrons. He is attacked by Astronema's ray, as a result the Phantom Ranger is throw to a tree. Instantly, he fight against the Quantrons, when Divatox and the Piranhatrons reappear, the Phantom Rangers has been surrounded by the two villainess' factions, he failed his mission to rescue Zordon when he sees Divatox in her space ship taking Zordon, he went avoiding that they escape but is brutally attacked by Ecliptor. The Phantom Ranger very weak, Ecliptor was about to give the final blow, fortunately the Space Rangers appeared saving the Phanton Ranger, as a result Ecliptor makes his retreat.

He informs to Andros that Divatox and Dark Specter take Zordon, Phantom Ranger gave Andros a disc and told him it was for the Delta Megaship, a powerful weapon currently without protection. Phantom Ranger told the Rangers that he would go after Zordon. After when Andros discovers the Delta Megaship, the Phantom Ranger guídes Andros to how to activate the Zord.

The Phantom Ranger give the message to Space Rangers

The Phantom Ranger gives his holographic message to the Space Rangers, that he'll search for Dark Specter.

Later when the Space Rangers returned to Hercuron to search for the Phantom Ranger, Cassie encounters his communicator, via holographic message, Phantom Ranger informs that he's going to search for Dark Specter as he motivated the Space Rangers for their search and rescue of Zordon and assured Cassie that he would be alright, despite the serious injury he sustained in the fight from earlier. Tvicon TV STORY-The Delta Discovery

United Alliance of Evil invasion[]

Tubro weaken

Phantom Ranger & Blue Senturion attacked by the Machine Empire.

Later, during the United Alliance of Evil's attack on Eltar, Phantom Ranger fought alongside the Blue Senturion against several Cogs to try and stop the Machine Empire from taking over his planet during Dark Specter's universal conquest, but it is a difficult battle as they are dramatically outnumbered. Eventually Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion are surrounded by several Cogs. While the Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion are restrained, Ecliptor appears in the sky to announce that Dark Specter has been destroyed and that Astronema is now the Queen of Evil. Tvicon TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction, Part 1

Zordon's sacrifice[]

Phantom Ranger are saved by Zordon Energy Wave

Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion are saved by Zordon's energy wave.

The following day, after Andros destroyed Zordon's energy tube, freeing a great golden wave of energy that goes through the universe. Most of the villains, all the Machine Emìre are turned to dust, the Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion are saved by Zordon's energy wave as they watch the Machine Empire turned into dust. Tvicon TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction, Part 2

The Phantom Ranger did not participate in the Legendary Battle.

Street Fighter Showdown[]

Phantom Ranger,black Dino Thunder Ranger and time force pink Ranger

Phantom Ranger as one of the 4 witnesses of the unexpected Ryu and Chun-Li's teleportation.

When Rita Repulsa join forces with Mr. Bison, as a result they infected the Morphing Grid, Phantom Ranger is one of the many Rangers who are infected. The Phantom Ranger is teleported along with the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger for helping Time Force Pink Ranger and Black Dino Ranger against Ryu Ranger and Chun-Li. However their enemies are teletransported, the Phantom Ranger and the other evil Rangers witness this unexpected moment.

Pink Time Force Ranger and Phantom Ranger legacy wars

Phantom Ranger conforming part of the evil Ranger Army.

Later the Phantom Ranger is summoned among various evil Rangers by M. Bison's side. He appears with the Time Force Pink Ranger. He and the other Rangers going to fight lead by Mr. Bison against the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger V2, Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger, Ryu Ranger and Chun-Li. Tvicon TV STORY-Legacy Wars - Street Fighter Showdown

Once & Always[]

Four Rangers in Once & Always

Phantom Ranger among the group of Rangers captured by Rita

The Phantom Ranger was one of the sixteen Rangers who were ensnared and captured by Snizzard and used to power Robo-Rita's time portal alongside several other Rangers. Once the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers destroyed Snizzard, the Phantom Ranger and the other captured Rangers were released and brought to the S.P.A.'s med-bay for recovery. Tvicon TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always


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Phantom Ranger[]


Phantom Ranger

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Invisibility: The Phantom had the ability to become invisible, however, the space he occupied was often seen contorted or misshapen, an effect akin to that of the Predator character from the Predator franchise. He was powered by his Power Ruby on his chest, which gave him his powers and sustained both his life force and the systems in his suit. The Phantom is also able to exist outside of "temporal control".

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Appearance: Turbo Episodes 23-29, In Space Episodes 11, 42-43, Street Fighter Showdown, Once & Always





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Villain Groups[]

Divatox's Crew[]
United Alliance of Evil[]
Machine Empire[]
Evil Space Aliens[]


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Behind the Scenes[]



  • Shuki Levy's original pitch for the character was that he was to represent an embodiment of the spirits of fallen Power Rangers of the past as a "Ghost Robot" (a concept affirmed by Jackie Marchand and Tony Oliver).[1] Judd Lynn has admitted "we ran out time before we were able to fully develop a story for the Phantom Ranger with everything going on". When asked what he'd do for the Phantom Ranger's identity if he had the chance, Lynn said he'd make him Billy Cranston and explain that his "man made" Phantom powers were limited (as a way of explaining his limited appearances); Billy would have created Ecliptor as a failed Robot Ranger experiment "and in order to correct that mistake he created the Phantom Ranger powers". [2]

Legendary Ranger Devices[]

PRSM-Phantom Ranger Key

The Phantom Ranger Key.

The Phantom Ranger Key is the Phantom Ranger’s personal Ranger Key. This key is exclusive to the Toyline and has been seen at the SDCC 2014 convention. Of course as with all Ranger Keys, should it exist, it would be able to transform one, i.e. one of the Super Mega Rangers, into the Phantom Ranger.

PRNS2 & PRSNS-Phantom Ranger Ninja Power Star

Phantom Ranger Ninja Power Star

"Legendary Black Star! Activate!"
―announcement in the DX Ninja Battle Morpher

The Phantom Ranger Ninja Power Star is a special Ninja Power Star that bears the likeness of the Phantom Ranger and is marked with the kanji for "black". This star is exclusive to the Super Ninja Steel toyline.


  • The Phantom Ranger's homeworld was originally meant to be a purple planet named "Phantus" in a draft script for Turbo[3].
  • In Turbo's Super Sentai counterpart, Gekisou Sentai Carranger, Phantom Ranger's Sentai counterpart, VRV Master was actually more of an Extra Hero and not an official Ranger. This marks the first time in which a non-Ranger Sentai character has been designated as a Ranger in the series.
  • A toy-exclusive action figure called the Phantom Ranger was made in the Dino Thunder toy line, made from assembling weapons and equipment from each of the six Rangers (Triassic was the sixth Ranger). Other than the name, no relation is implied between the two.
  • The Phantom Ranger is the only Ranger whose identity has not been revealed to this day.
    • As a joke on April 1st, 2015, the official Power Rangers Twitter page made a post claiming that the Phantom Ranger's true identity was none other than Chip Lynn![4]


Power Rangers Key Scanner[]

Phantom Ranger Scanner App Assets

Phantom Ranger in Power Rangers Key Scanner

Phantom Ranger, appears in the app videogame Power Rangers Key Scanner, among various other Ranger teams.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars[]

Legacy Wars Phantom Ranger

Phantom Ranger as seen in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Phantom Ranger is among the Rangers who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. He also appeared on the Street Fighter Showdown short film related to Legacy Wars, he is a Legendary (Leader), Legendary (Assist) character, and represent the Turbo Rangers along with Tommy Oliver, Carlos Vallerte and Cassie Chan.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid[]

Phantom Ranger appears in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid as a playable character in the expansion "Ranger Allies Pack #1".

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