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Pet Pinocchio is a small model "Pinocchio" machine built by the Machine Empire Baranoia as part of their "Pinocchio" scheme, alongside Bara Pinokiller.

Character History

Pet Pinocchio is a small, cute-looking Pinocchio robot set up as part of the grand "Pinocchio" scheme by Baranoia to make the machines trusted by humanity to allow for an easier conquering of society. Given to Juri when the Ohranger investigate the Pinocchio factory, it mostly hangs around her as a companion until the order is given to destroy the Ohranger. After forcing Juri to take it to U.A.O.H. base, Acha sets it with a bomb; when realized that it is part of a grander scheme, Gorou seizes the smaller Pinocchio robot and throws it off the bridge near headquarters as it explodes.


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  • It's main ability is to work as eyes and ears spying on the Ohranger, particularly after Juri adopts it. It later is equipped with a bomb meant to blow up U.A.O.H.'s main base.

Behind the Scenes


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  • This character has no Zeo counterpart.


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