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"”Oh, waddis going on here?”"
―Persaranza of the Kesaran-Pasaran’s first words upon being revived by Makuin.[src]

"”I’m freezin’ up!”"
―Persaranza when being frozen by Gosei Knight’s Istop Card as well as his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"”Love…falls…like fireworks!”"
― Persaranza of the Kesaran-Pasaran’s final words before his death.[src]

Pesaranza of the Kesaran-Pasaran (ケサランパサランのペサラン挫(ザ) Kesaran-Pasaran no Pesaranza) is a member of the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu

Character History

Pesaranza is summoned by Makuin and Kingong to cause problems to lovers, allowing him to rampage and destroy hearts as the Goseiger try to help a boy win over a girl's heart. That boy becomes a main target for Pesaranza due to his desire for eating ruined first-love; the Goseiger try to strike him but his abilities makes him impossible to hit by their weapons. Ultimately Gosei Knight freezes him in place with the Istop Gosei Card, leading to both destroying him with a combined Gosei Dynamic/Knightick Dynamic combination.

After growing via Bibi Bugs, the Goseiger form Skyick Gosei Great to use a tornado to freeze Pesaranza in place once again before both they and Gosei Ground finish him off with ease.


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Pesaranza's main ability releases small fluff balls which infect people who are in love, making them become more obsessed to the point of causing calamity for them, allowing him to easily suck up their emotions for a meal. He can also emit damaging mist and split his body into many multiple fluffballs to avoid attacks.

Behind the Scenes



  • Movie Reference: Pesaranza's name is from the 1943 version of Phantom of the Opera (オペラ座の怪人 Opera-za no Kaijin).
    • The Phantom is notable as a villain who is obsessed with a singer and is willing to ruin the love life of other people in order to get what he desires.
  • The kanji in Pesaranza's name is the one for "break" ( Za), referring to Pesaranza's ability to split himself apart. He is modeled after a leech.
    • Pesaranza is also based off of the Kesaran-Pasaran, a rather obscure Yokai of Japanese myth.
  • Pesaranza seems to take elements from two monsters from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
    • Dora Argus because both can break their bodies into ball items and reassemble themselves
    • Dora Pixie because they make people fall overly in love by having a certain item they use hit their target.

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