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Perspective is the twentieth episode of Power Rangers S.P.D..  


The satellite surveillance goes down when the Rangers go into the battle, and Commander Cruger asks the Rangers to tell him what happened. Everyone has a different story and lets their egos get the best of them, but will he ever find out what really happened? 


The alarm goes off and Commander Cruger asks Kat for a report. Kat checks the situation. The B-Squad cadets are summoned to the Command Center – gold is being stolen by the Krybots. The cadets suit up and head for the gold depository. The satellite transmission goes down and Kat and Cruger are unable to monitor. The Rangers rescue the guard and confine Green Eyes before returning to the command center. The satellite transmission is still down and Kat leaves to work on the problem. The commander asks for a report. All the cadets answer at once. Cruger stops them and tells them to go one at a time and Jack goes first. Jack gives an account of what he believes happened, where everyone admires the Red Ranger and he saves the day. When Jack is done, the rest protest that isn't what happened. Cruger lets Sky speak next.

Sky tells his version of what happened and conveniently the Blue Ranger saves the day. The rest of the cadets scoff at Sky's story and Cruger is ready to hear the truth. Bridge starts by telling them how he was trying to decide what he wanted for breakfast. Cruger is about to lose his patience, when Bridge starts his account of what happened and now it is Green Ranger who is admired by all and saves the day. The rest of the cadets are in disbelief over Bridge's version. Z tells her version, and this time, it is the Yellow Ranger who saves the day. No one believes Z's story any more than the rest. Syd tells the commander her version, which has every Ranger hoping that their moves will impress her. Cruger is about to resign himself to the fact that he may never know what really happened, when Kat walks in. The transmission is fixed and Kat plays the footage of the Rangers' battle. At first the cadets are leery of what they will see, but as the video plays each one is impressed with what they see. The video shows just as it looks like the Rangers got the better of Green Eyes, the monster releases another army of Krybots to corner the Rangers. A white sparkling ball of light knocks the Krybots aside and frees the Rangers. Green Eyes heads to his giant robot with the Rangers in hot pursuit. They call for their Delta Runners, judge Green Eyes, destroy his robot, and confine him. After the footage is shown, Cruger asks the cadets if they have any questions. Jack wants to know what was the sparkling ball that knocked the Krybots out. Cruger tells them that Kat would analyze the footage, but that whatever it was, it was powerful. Cruger points out that people's perspective would change what had happened. Jack agrees but states that there were some exaggerations. Cruger and Kat slowly back up and walk out of the command center as the cadets argue over what had occurred.



  • This episode heavily used the "making up a variation of the truth to make yourself better" trope popularized by the classic film Rashomon from 1950, which shared almost the exact same premise, except that it was about a case of murder rather than gold theft.
  • Commander Cruger does not morph in this episode.
  • After Z tells her version of the story, Syd makes a gesture of her nose elongating indicating she was lying. This is a reference to the story of Pinocchio, whose own nose elongates whenever he tells a lie.
  • In Dekaranger, the episode was a normal plot about Green Eyes' counterpart bombing the city and holding Tetsu (Dekabreak who was later adapted as the Omega Ranger and Sam) hostage. Because the Omega Ranger wasn't introduced until the episode after "Perspective", the story was changed into a copy of the Batman TAS episode "POV".
    • This is also why the Zord battle consisted of a single lightning blast and then the Delta Strike before Judgement was passed. The footage was about twenty seconds longer in Dekaranger but using the entire thing would mean that you would clearly be able to see the Omegamax Cycle.
      • As it is, the editors had to cut down the shot of the Delta Squad Megazord jumping out of an explosion to remove visibility of the Omegamax Megazord's face and visor.
  • Though Boom is absent in this episode, Kelson Henderson does voice of the Indian Guard but only as a minor role.


  • When the camera zooms in on the Drill Robot to Green Eyes saying "I'll teach you to disrupt my plans!", the viewers can see the right leg of the Omegamax Megazord even though the Omega Ranger hadn't appeared in the show yet until Messenger Part 2. Even though viewers back then wouldn't know what it belonged to, the legs are clearly not the same.
    • Additionally, when the Drill Robot is blasted by the rolling Delta Squad Megazord, you can partially see the Omega Megazord in frame since this was it getting punched by Sam's robot in Dekaranger.
  • When the Drill Robot fires from it's right hand which makes the Delta Squad Megazord dive to the side and blast it, it's horn is suddenly back despite having been cut off not ten seconds prior.
    • This error occurred because they had to push this back from it's original segment to cover up the actual shot of it rolling which would have clearly shown the Omega Megazord.
    • It would remain on until Green Eyes was judged and the robot was destroyed due to heavily re-editing the fight to try and make it a fight scene and hide how much of it had to be cut out to remove the un-introduced Megazord.

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