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"Bet you can't get a hit from the People Pitcher, now can you Ranger?"
―People Pitcher's first words [src]
"Anyone want to try my fastball?"
―People Pitcher's first words after being enlarged[src]
People Pitcher

People Pitcher was a robot-pitching machine monster who first appears in the episode "Rangers in the Outfield".

Character History

As an idea from Prince Sprocket, King Mondo decided to send down this machine, to Earth. It had a pitching machine form, as well as a robot monster form. It was able to absorb the Zeo Rangers, similar to a vacuum cleaner. It had the ability to fire energy blasts. After the absorbed Zeo Rangers were able to escape, from inside the robot, it was destroyed, initially, by the Zeo Power Spin. After being enlarged it was defeated and destroyed, by a combination of the Zeo Three Battle Helmet and the Zeo Megazord's Saber's powered up Zeo Slash.Rangers in the Outfield

People Pitcher reappeared in Adam's dream. It Came From Angel Grove

People Pitcher was among the Machine Empire's monsters to receive the Neo-Plutonium Armor, but wasn't shown to be re-used.


Personality-wise, People Pitcher acts very much like a baseball coach.

Powers and Abilities

Pitching Machine Mode

  • Base Ball Absorption: People Pitcher can fire put a light green ball from its cannon, that when hit by a victim will absorb that victim inside of the machine.
  • Robot Form: People Pitcher can transform into his robot form at will.

Robot Mode

  • Baseball Blast: People Pitcher can fire devastating baseballs from his double arm cannons.
  • Teleportation: People Pitcher can teleport to any location at will.
  • Energy Blast: People Pitcher can also fire energy blast from his double arm cannons.
  • Vacum Commission Breath: People Pitcher can spew out a clear orange laser ray from his mouth, that when hit in contact with the enemy will be absorb into his mouth.
  • Smoke Breath: People Pitcher can also spew out white smoke from his mouth.

Behind the Scenes



  • Ironically, despite the monster's name, People Pitcher, it never threw any people.

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