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Pekka Zeppelin (ペッカー・ツエッペリン Pekkā Tsuepperin) is a woodpecker-themed Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "(The) Wise man/L'homme sage" piece from the Lupin Collection.

Physical Appearance

Pekka Zeppelin's head is a rider mask that looked like a black white and red woodpecker head with a grey wood on its red beak, his body is red and black with a Gangler safe on it, is left shoulder is a woodpecker's black and white wing and his right shoulder is a black white and red woodpecker head with a grey wood on its red beak, his left arm is gold and his right arm is black, his thighs make a black white and red woodpecker head with a grey wood on its red beck, his legs are golden, and his overall appearance is a Kamen Rider.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

Pekka Zeppelin's human form

  • Human Disguise: Like every Ganglers, Pekka Zeppelin has the special ability to disguise himself as a human to hunt for treasures.
  • Peck Attack: Pekka can fire the red spikes on the right side of his body that causes those hit to become clumsy as well as having them constantly blurt things out. The downside is that despite being the user of the ability, Pekka himself is not immune to it's effects.
  • Spike Projectiles: Pekka can also fire the white spikes on his left shoulder at his opponents.
  • Trajectory: Using his singular eye, Pekka can plot the path of his projectiles to make them hit his targets.
  • Increased Intelligence: Due to the "(The) Wise man/L'homme sage" piece equipped in his safe, Pekka is capable of increasing his intelligence.
  • Swordmanship: Pekka is very skilled in both the normal and the reverse grip sword styles.


  • KitsutsukiKen (キツツキケン Kitsutsukiken): A sword with a curved tip Pekka can use in combat.
  • Anger Energy Transfer Device: A necklace-like device Pekka invented thanks to his Lupin Collection piece. It can absorb its wearer's anger, transform it into energy, and send it to a remote bomb.
  • Remote Bomb: On a tower, he planted a bomb that will explode once a large amount of anger has been stored and the timer reaches 100%.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Height: 190 cm (Giant: 47.5 m)
  • Weight: 205 kg (Giant: 512.5 kg)
  • Criminal Record: Turning a person's anger into an explosive
  • Lupin Collection: "(The) Wise man/L'homme sage" wrist computer
  • Gangler Safe Location: Chest
  • Password: 0-1-4


Nero Kilner

concept art

  • Animal Theme: Woodpecker
  • Possible Prehistoric Basis: Australopicus nelsonmandelai
  • Pekka Zeppelin was designed by Ryosuke Shibuya[1].
  • Pekka's name draws insperation from the following:
    • The Japanese pronunciation of the word woodpecker (ウッドペッカー Uddopekkā).
    • A common name for males from Finland. One of the most famous people named Pekka is Pekka Rinne, a goaltender for the Nashville Predators.
    • His last name is a reference to the Zeppelin, an airship founded by Ferdinand von Zeppelin.
  • Pekka Zeppelin's suit contains elements of Nero Kilner's suit.
  • Due to his Lupin Collection piece being a retool of the Megaranger's Degitaizer, Pekka's intellegence increasing ability may have been inspired by Miku Imamura (MegaPink; Who became Super Miku via Toad Nezire's acceleration gun in Megaranger Episode 17).
  • He is the first Gangler Monster since Ryugu Tamatebacco to have a human disguise and the first one since Anidara Maximoff to have their gangler safe opened as a giant.
  • In a sense of irony, the VS sentai squadrans defeated him with his own bomb.


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