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Pegasus Megazord is the last Wild Force Megazord.


Formed from several Zords from other Megazords (Red Lion, White Tiger, and Blue Shark Zords from the original Wild Force Megazord, Falcon Zord from the Isis Megazord, and the auxiliary Elephant Zord), this Megazord was introduced only once, when Princess Shayla was imprisoned in Master Org's lair after she was captured by Onikage. As she was crying, fearing for the safety of her Rangers, her tears fell onto the jewel that highlighted her necklace and transformed into a ball of light, which the Red Lion Zord swallowed, allowing itself to increase in size.

When Pegasus Megazord is formed, the Falcon Zord forms the main body it forms when it is part of the Isis Megazord. The Shark and White Tiger Zords become the arms, while the Elephant forms its "Sword and Shield" mode. All four Zords rest atop the Red Lion Zord, so that the new Megazord resembles a winged warrior riding a horse (or in this case, a lion) into battle.

Attacks and Abilities

With its new powers, the Pegasus Megazord is able to fly and open dimensional rifts into other worlds, as it demonstrated when Onikage imprisoned the Rangers in the Org Spirit World. As it is created with parts of the Wild Force Megazord and Isis Megazord, its attacks are Isis Stare and Pachyderm Crusher, two of the finishing moves of those Megazords.

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