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The Pegasus Corporation (株式会社ペガサス Kabushikigaisha Pegasasu) is an automobile garage and vehicle development facility run by Souichirou Tenma, where he lives alongside his wife and son Ichitarou. The facility employs five young adults of note who work various jobs within the facility:

Unknown to Souichirou and his family, these five possessed the special "Kurumagic" desired by Dappu, an alien from planet Hazard for the creation of the legendary Carrangers. When he arrives on Earth, Dappu ends up turning one of the buildings in the facility into the Carrangers base while recruiting the team.Ep. 1: Fighting Traffic Safety

During the final showdown between the Carrangers and Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus, the Bowzock blow up the garage on his orders in order to eliminate them, but they were able to survive where they were saved by their allies.Ep. 46: Suddenly Ineffective!? Transformation Power The garage is later rebuilt once the Exhaus crisis is over.


  • The "pegasus" is a common attribute within Carranger, being also associated with one of their later vehicles
    • Likewise two former Rangers are associated with the denomination and used this season, being the pegasus and "tenma" (a Chinese equivalent creature)

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