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"Ho ho! Have fear, the Peckster's here!"
―The Peckster's first words when confronting Zack.[src]

"Ho ho ho!"
―The Peckster's signature laugh.[src]

"No, no Rangers. You'd better look before you leap!"
―The Peckster when confronting the remaining four Power Rangers.[src]

"Whoa-oh! Ho ho ho! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
―The Peckster upon being grown.[src]

"WHAT?! You think that silly thing scares me?! Whoa ho ho ho!"
―The Peckster reacting to the Megazord with it's Power Sword and his final words before his destruction.[src]

The Peckster was a woodpecker monster who was the main antagonist of the episode "Fowl Play."


The Peckster was created by Finster after Rita watched Angela kiss (or "peck") Zack on the cheek after he humiliated Bulk and Skull in front of a magic class for kids at the Youth Center. Whilst he was being created, Rita sent the Putty Patrol to hold up the other four Power Rangers who were heading through Angel Grove Park to meet Tommy at Angel Grove Mall. With the Rangers preoccupied, Rita sent the Peckster to attack Angel Grove and destroy the city since his peck attack could demolish entire buildings. Being the only Ranger available, Zordon contacted Zack and made it apparent that the monster's mission was to demolish as much of Angel Grove as possible. Zack morphed and went after the monster although he had to fight a bunch of Putties who arrived before he could reach the monster. Once he had, the Peckster ambushed him by jumping off of a nearby balcony and they wrestled for a moment although the monster sent him flying. Zack then withdrew his Power Axe and tried to fight the Peckster only to be completely useless when he dodged and slashed the Power Axe hard enough to leave it smoking. Luckily though, Zack managed to slash the Peckster down his beak which caused him to flee by jumping up onto a building and get away.

The Peckster soon returned to Angel Grove and started flying around, just being a general nuisance at which point he encountered the remaining four Power Rangers who had since finished their amazingly long Putty battle. Zack was not with them as Zordon had assigned him to the Youth Center so as to avert suspicion of him being a Power Rangers. In spite of being heavily outnumbered, the Peckster overwhelmed them by flying through the team, slashing them on his way through and landing whilst they recovered. He then summoned more Putties to finish them off, them opening the fight by smashing them in the helmets and knocking them down. Once the Rangers had beaten them, he jump in and punched Kimberly and Trini before blasting them off their feet with a barrage of projectiles. Jason and Billy tried to stop him but he unveiled his wings and blew them away whilst took them down with his projectiles. They regrouped but he retreated and pecked down three of them, bashing Jason down instead of pecking him and advanced to peck right through him. He would probably have finished Jason off had Zack not arrived and kicked spiral kicked him to the ground. Zack had earlier handled a simple rubber ball and some balloons and came up with the idea to trap the Peckster's beak inside something similar. To this end, Zack invited Peckster to play a special game where Peckster had to destroy the five balloons of different materials. Being an idiot, the Peckster popped four easily but the fifth balloon was actually a ball made of super strong rubber, where Peckster stuck his beak and made him helpless. Enraged, the Peckster charged at Zack but he blasted the monster straight off his feet with his Blade Blaster.

With the monster now completely open to the Power Blaster, Rita enlarged Peckster (popping the balloon in the process off-screen) so the Rangers summoned the Megazord. The Peckster leapt up and divebombed the Megazord, pecking it back before charging. However, Zack had Jason equip the Mammoth Shield to block the attack several more times before they punched him down. However, the monster took it down by flapping his wings hard enough to send them flying back and hitting it with a flurry of his projectiles. Zack then became more tactful and blasted Peckster down with the Cranial Laser and, with the monster down for the count, Jason summoned the Power Sword. The Peckster was unafraid but they nevertheless destroyed him with an energized slash, the monster laughing all the way. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fowl Play

About a year later, during Rita and Zedd's marriage plans, the Peckster was recreated by Finster to attack the Rangers at the Spectre Theater. Peckster assisted Rhinoblaster when guarding the Rangers in the Spectre Theater, not at all menacing like before, but instead more of a monster version of Bulk and Skull. They were last seen when the Rangers trapped them in a net and left them there. It is unknown what happened to them afterwards since this is the last time the viewers ever saw of the Peckster since their entanglement prevented them from taking place in the Zord battle against the monster army. However, one can presume that they're probably destroyed off-screen for their failure or perhaps the Pecster and Rhinoblaster could have gone into hiding for fear of being destroyed for their failure. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding


The Peckster was cunning, resourceful and jolly to the point of "ho ho ho'ing" when dying and treating his entire fight against four Rangers as a complete farce. Additionally, he was also being powerful and strong as well as silly and happy go lucky. However, he wasn't very bright as he was tricked simply by Zack's promise of "a game" and easily tricked by the Rangers into a net trap during "The Wedding." In spite of his flaws, he was very loyal to both Rita and Zedd.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: The Peckster was strong enough to force an arm lock with Zack as well as send him flying back into a wall with a single slash and block it mid-swing.
  • Durability: The Peckster took a slash straight down his front from Zack's Power Axe but was completely unfazed.
  • Agility: The Peckster was able to dodge a big swing from Zack's Power Axe by spinning at the last moment.
  • Super Jumps: The Peckster was able to jump onto a building’s roof with a single bound.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: The Peckster was skilled enough in battle to overwhelm Zack with his bare hands, even after he equipped his Power Axe.
  • Dart Projection: The Peckster could fire red dart like projectiles from his throat that were powerful enough to take down all five Rangers and later the Megazord in just three hits.
  • Putty Summoning: The Peckster can summon Putties to aid him in battle as seen in the final battle against him.
  • Windstorm Generation: The Peckster could extend the wings on his back and flap them hard to produce wind powerful enough to blow Jason and Billy clean off thier feet.
    • Toxic Tornadoes-A more powerful version of the Peckster's windstorms which are visually identical to the windstorms but could send the Megazord flying.
  • Flight: The Peckster can fly using his wings.
  • Pecking Attack: The Peckster's signature attack where he uses his large beak to attack his foes with. According to Finster, just two pecks could demolish entire buildings.


  • Claws: The Peckster had no weapons but possessed claws sharp enough to cut down the Rangers. These were sharp enough to leave the Power Axe smoking after one hit.

Behind The Scenes


  • The Peckster was voiced by Scott Page-Pagter in his first role in the franchise.
    • The Peckster's voice is nearly identical to his later roles as the Oysterizer and Pirantishead aside from a slightly higher voice.


  • The Peckster comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
    • Given the absence of Tommy from the Zyu2 footage, it is clear it was filmed before the footage used for "Return of an Old Friend."
      • Despite appearing after Tommy's return, Tommy does not appear in his debut episode. The reason given was Tommy being at the mall and them not wanting to waste his limited powers but the real reason is him not being the Zyu2 footage.
  • The Peckster is arguably the most dangerous Zyu2 monster of the bunch since a single peck could demolish entire buildings and none of the Rangers could actually manage to beat him in an outright brawl, needing to cheat with balloons and use the ranged Cranial Laser to gain the upper hand.
  • The reason that the Rhinoblaster and Peckster weren't in the Zord fight from "The Wedding" was because both of their footage involved the city whereas the monsters actually used in the Zord fight were in the countryside.
  • The Peckster was the second bird monster in Mighty Morphin and the second in a row after the Two-Headed Parrot in the previous episode.
    • Zack even references this when Zordon contacted him when he said "let me guess. Rita’s had us another bird brained beast?” in a rare bit of continuity.
  • It is unclear, both in and out of universe, why he wasn't involved in the events of "Countdown to Destruction" since he was a perfectly usable monster in universe and out of universe, they didn't recycle the suits for other monsters (such as Bloom of Doom and Debloom or the Grumble Bee and Waspicable).
    • It is however possible that, in universe, the Peckster just wasn't trusted enough to use in an invasion of the universe due to his embarrassing defeat in the Specter Theater. Out of universe, his suit probably just fell apart.


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