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This article is about a/an Ranger form in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger.

"GoodStriker! For the Common Good! 1gou! 2gou! 3gou! Ichidaki! Patren Ugou!"
―First transformation announcement[src]

"GoodStriker! For the Common Good! 1gou! 2gou! 3gou! Ichidaki!"
―Current transformation announcement[src]

"Ichigeki Strike!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

Patren Ugou (パトレンU号 Patoren Yūgō) is a fusion form created by the trio of Patrangers combining their powers through the use of the GoodStriker.


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If one of the component rangers gets poisoned, Ugou themselves would take that poison as well and the poison, if not cured soon, would be theoretically distributed among all of the component rangers after defused. Number 15: The Work of a Police Officer




  • Ichigeki Strike (イチゲキストライク Ichigeki Sutoraiku, One-Hit Strike): Using the VS Changer combined with the GoodStriker, Patren Ugou fires a supercharged golden blast of energy at the target to destroy it.

Behind the scenes


Patren Ugou is portrayed by suit actor Masashi Takada (高田 将司 Takada Masashi), whom also portrays Patren 1gou.


  • The name Ugou in Patren Ugou comes from the word Yūgō (融合), which means fusion/unite/combine.
  • Patren Ugou is the second known fused Sentai Ranger, after Zyuoh Condor, but the first to be a recurring fused Sentai Ranger during TV series airing than “their” predecessor. Patren Ugou will soon be followed by “their” thief counterpart, Lupin Tricolor.

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