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Parrot Top is an aquatic monster who was one of the five monsters selected from Master Vile's monster conference. He, Brick Bully's second form, Crabby Cabbie, Garbage Mouth, and See Monster joined Professor Longnose in attacking the Aquitar Rangers. When Professor Longnose was destroyed, Parrot Top and the other monsters fled.


  • When Parrot Top accompanied Professor Longnose in fighting the Aquitar Rangers, he sported a large curved silver blade in place of his right forearm and wore metal boots.


  • He is the only monster to have not appeared prior to fighting alongside Professor Longnose.
  • Parrot Top's Kakuranger counterpart was the first Yokai monster to appear, while in Power Rangers, he appeared very late into Season 3. The reason could be due to spending most of his time in his human disguise, along with holding the severed head of his wife Rokurokubi (Kakuranger), an unused Kakuranger monster.


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