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Zentipede Lair

The Parasite Fortress Centipede (寄生要塞センティピード Kisei Yōsai Sentipīdo) is the headquarters of the Space Ninja Group Jakanja. The base is also a spaceship, used by the Jakanja to do their duties until they find a world they need to settle upon, particularly in regards to their search for "that" needed to satisfy the demands of the Evil Will. After finding a suitable planet, the base lands and connects itself to the planet of it's search, giving them a foothold for what they are searching for. It had a shield around it, which prevented unauthorized entry; only special pods sent by the Jakanja themselves allow for those they deem worthy entrance.Scroll 8: Hayate and Ikazuchi Within the fortress are the means for the Jakanja's actions, including a lab where Fifth Spear, Sargain builds his machine weapons and a main central meeting place where Boss Tau Zant lives in his immobile form.

As his last act before sacrificing himself to stop Sixth Spear, Satarakura and the energy he collected to allow Tau Zant to use the Raging Arrow and Grieving Bow for the dimension-annihilating hole, Shurikenger gives the Hurricaneger and Gouraigers instructions within his Shurikenger Ball to enter into the Centipede base. The team use Hurricane Hawk to enter, but are too late to stop Tau Zant's final transformation. With no further need for his base due to the preparations for "that" being complete, Tau Zant destroys it with his growing body.Scroll 49: Mission and the Heavenly NinjaScroll 50: Darkness and a New World

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