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Parabola Mask

Parabolic Mask.

Parabolic Mask (パラボラ仮面 Parabora Kamen) is the fourth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Parabolic Mask was sent by Golden Mask to find gold of the highest quality no matter where or what form it takes; with the intention of melting it down into the form of "Golden Shadow", a golden palace for the Black Cross Führer. This tracing leads to everywhere from a black-market dealing they destroy to robbing banks to even stealing golden artifacts from a housemaker! Initially discovered by Peggy and Kenji when they destroy two rival gangs to steal their gold dealings, Parabolic Mask escapes. However when he steals from a housewife, he is found by new Kirenger Daigoro Kumano, who faces him to try and prove himself to the team but ends up getting defeated by the Masked Monster and his Zolder squadron.

In order to track down Parabolic Mask and Daigoro, EAGLE sets up a fake arrival of the golden artifacts of King Tutankhamen in Japan as guarded by the "Gorengers"; the artifacts are stolen, only for Peggy and Kenji to be hidden with fake artifacts and the Momorenger and Midorenger being EAGLE workers. Once in the base, Peggy sets up a signal for Akira and Tsuyoshi to trace to Parabolic Mask's base; when Parabolic Mask tries to get away with Daigoro, Akarenger frees him with Varitank. The team ultimately face Parabolic Mask and finish him off with a Gorenger Hurricane transformed into a Golden Buddha. Ep. 58: Crimson Ambition! His Excellency the Führer's Gold Castle


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Modus and Arsenal

Parabolic Mask's strength is his ability to track down objects or sense sounds with his radar-like face and ears and his antenna staff. He can also fire shots and missiles from his face. His greatest technique is his "Parabola UFO Spark", where he takes a parabola from his face and transforms it into a UFO he can control that fires electric sparks at an opponent.



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Behind the Scenes

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