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The Parabolaloid (パラボラロイド, Paraboraroido) (T-39) is a Metaloid that Enter created when he used the "search" Metavirus to infect a satellite dish to find Masato and J.

His weapons are the staff that he wields and the (rarely-used) missile silo he has outfitted on his arm.

This Metaloid was deleted with two shots from the Ichigan Buster in Special Buster Mode from Yellow Buster and Blue Buster.


Character History

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Parabolaloid speaks with a normal sentence, then says another sentence that either doubts the first one or tries to humble it. He also has a tendency to say "Kyuin", the Japanese onomatopoeia for a radar's signal.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Antenna Staff: Since Parabolaloid was created from a satellite dish he used it to help him find both Masato and J, and he also used it in combat.
  • Missile Silo: he used the missile silo that is outfitted on his arm to fire a missile at his enemies.


  • Identification Number: T-39
  • Install Metavirus: SAGASU
  • Production Motif: Satellite Dish
  • Height: 200 cm.
  • Weight: 262 kg.

Behind the Scenes




  • The actions of this Metaloid reveal the fact that Enter and Masato are hard light holographic avatars, with the real Masato stuck in Hyper Space.

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